Travel Guide: Laperal Haunted House, Baguio

Baguio City: Laperal Haunted House

Not just the only one, but definitely one of the most “haunted” – as the locals in Baguio would say. According to some articles I read, ghost sightings are most evident during the months of September-October, of course at night time. But some people who have been here had shared their experiences to be “disturbing” and “outright scary”.

We wasted no time and went here, but since we will be capturing photos of the place to show you guys (we also made a “somewhat scary” video tour inside, which you can watch at the end of this piece) we had to wait for the perfect time of the day, where there are not a lot of visitors as well – Lunchtime. While everyone else are busy with their meals, we had the place pretty much to ourselves (and some 1 or two other visitors)

You will not miss this place. Its very near 50’s Diner and all modes of transportation going to and fro Mines View Park, Wright Park, etc pass by this house.

There’s a Php 50.00/person charge
Resting area just right outside the house

Dining Table
Receiving area

Stairs going up
Wood everywhere
Genuinely scary creaking doors going inside another area filled with rooms
Creepy room #1
Creepy room #2
We guess this is the Master’s bedroom. Its the biggest of all rooms.
View from the second floor
This area of the house is so creepy, I skipped taking photos of the rooms. BUT – you will see them on the video we took of the place.
I know what you’re thinking. Slenderman’s room? I hope not.
View from the third floor
Super narrow staricase. Bad for a chase scene.
Creepy old clock by the fireplace
Would you believe the cushion on these chairs are still comfortable to sit on? Well I know because I sat on them.
Beautifully carved wooden chairs
Would you sit here? We sure did! 
The main door as seen from inside
Last photo before leaving. See anything from the windows?

It was sure creepy (since there were only a few visitors the time we went) and exciting to be in a famed haunted house. We would love to visit this place again soon, and hopefully with more friends and of course, on a cold evening. Yeek!

And as promised, here is a video tour of the house: (Not for the faint hearted and/or pregnant. We will not be liable for any events/circumstances that may occur- before, during, or after watching this video) 

Best watched in 1080p/720p with your headphones/earphones. Sound is faint.

Thank you for visiting!

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