Hot Event: Freyo Digital Magazine Launch


I received this invite from Globaltronics to cover a special media launch for a digital magazine named freyo.

So what exactly is freyo? It is a company that aims to revolutionize the magazine industry by innovating the conventional means of publishing articles and illustrations. Straight to Digital, which cuts production costs significantly, it allows Freyo to realize its vision of democratizing magazine reading by advocating free content and empowering different organizations and communities to create magazines for their own niche. Essentially, magazines for the people by the people. This gives advertisers the chance to hit exactly the market they want by specifying demographics, something only digital can guarantee.

Freyo’s partner in making this media launch possible is none other than Globaltronics. For starters, they are the leader in digital signage advertising in the whole of Philippines. Globaltronics offers high-tech LED boards and other visual display systems that aim to provide the best virtual marketing solutions for clients. And sure enough, you have already seen them!

Digital Advertising definitely helps businesses earn profit like never before! So if you want to be SEEN, contact them now!

There’s nothing like having your magazine be seen “literally” everywhere through the help of our mobile devices, computers and tablets. That’s what Freyo’s target is. To have us, the target demographic be able to explore all available digital magazines in their virtual bookshelf for free.

Bloggers and visitors alike lined up at the registration area to get their respective name tags. We were also asked to drop our calling cards in the fishbowl for a chance to win minor and major prizes in the raffle that include a 55″ Philips LED TV!

One lucky guest actually got to take home this LED TV. Sad it wasn’t me lol.

Upon entering the grand ballroom, there were already guests, media and VIP’s present, eager to see what’s in store for them.

A little over 20 minutes in the venue, the press release started. Questions from the press were addressed and we were given insight on what to expect from the launch. Food and beverage were also served, and I must say, there were a lot!

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After the press release, the people behind all the work that made this event possible, and all keynote speakers who themselves have contributed in brining Freyo to life have taken the stage.

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Renz Mar Velasco, Freyo’s President & Co-Founder, together with his team, first experimented with an online magazine concept back in 2013. In the process of producing 18 issues of MUSE, various opportunities led Renz to the creation of Freyo, a digital magazine platform and first of its kind digital newsstand. It aims to revolutionize the way we experience digital magazines and to democratize magazines by making content available to everyone for free.


A muse is a person who serves as an artist’s inspiration. MUSE magazine features women who serve as an icon and inspiration to others in their own, unique way. Unlike other magazines, the celebrity is involved in the creation of their issue, choosing their own dream concept. The process, more personal and fulfilling for them, lets the team present the muse uniquely and in a way the public is unlikely to have seen before.


The word is one of the top trending hashtags of the millennial generation; a group of individuals with a common identity and sense of solidarity. The magazine features these ‘IT’ groups, celebrity cliques, bands, social media influencers, athletes, and more, looking into the history of the SQUAD and what makes them click.


PACE stands for Philippine Athletes and Coaches Empowerment. It is the first online community that will serve as a platform for athletes, coaches, and fans to connect with each other. The objectives of PACE are to encourage the athletes’ and coaches’ participation across many sports, give due recognition to athletes, and to promote the highest ideals of sports and “Olympism”.


THE GIFT magazine features charity groups from all over the world. Focused on the volunteers that build and sustain charity organizations, the magazine shows a different facet of giving. Using Freyo as a method to widen their reach and promote awareness, it is one of the magazines on the app that will consistently advocate ‘donation through reading.’ Apart from being inspired into action, by subscribing to and reading THE GIFT, a reader’s time is converted to a monetary contribution by the Freyo team.


A collaborative online portfolio for photographers, the magazine is meant to both showcase a talented photographer’s work and inspire new young photographers through a special section of Freyo exclusive content. The exclusive includes
photography tips from the pros and special collaborations, expanding the featured photographer’s audience as well as making them more accessible to both clients and fans.


Screencapped from freyo’s android app

NOMAD is a magazine that features international female models traveling around the world. Letting the lens tell the story, glimpses of culture, every day life, and their personality will unfold in a mix of spreads.


A counterpart of MUSE, MUSEMEN highlights the lives and individuality of the Filipino male celebrities who have made a mark in the industry. Giving the celebrity free reign on the concept behind shoot and issue, the magazine is better able to show their personality and get a clear picture of their lives behind the camera.


The Philippine business community is full of great stories of entrepreneurship. Accomplished businessmen and women serve as an inspiration to many every day. CEO goes deep into the lives of these remarkable changemakers and economic influencers. Highlighting their history, their philosophy, and even following them through a full day in their lives, the magazine’s objective is to inspire and motivate in a way like no other.


Screencapped from freyo’s android app

THAT FOOD MAGAZINE will feature different restaurants in the metro. The only magazine that devotes each issue to just one restaurant and chef, it will be able to tell the continuing stories behind each establishment. Starting with the chef, the restaurant’s design and theme, as the issues are updated, so are the philosophies and trends. Anyone who has ever admired a chef or loved a restaurant now gets constant insight to the world behind the plate.


Screencapped from freyo’s android app

7107 features the timeless beauty of every scenic destination in the Philippines. It aims to make the traveller’s experience in the country absolutely extraordinary by giving readers a privileged trip to the issue’s highlighted destination. Whether you are looking for a beach getaway, city tour, or mountain escape, both luxury and budget options are highlighted, giving readers the chance to tailor their trip of a lifetime.


Screencapped from freyo’s android app

Dedicated to the Mineski Pro-Gaming League, the Philippines’ premier e-sports tournament, this magazine covers local competitive gaming at its finest, and features the very best professional gamers in the Philippines, colored in a more personal level to give their fans a better look at what it really is like to live the life
of a professional gamer.


The startup community is one of the fastest growing communities in the Philippine business world. With creative millennials taking it upon themselves to find solutions to problems in both the public and private sector, as well as provide a variety of services and niche products, Homegrown launches several magazines with Freyo, providing tips, tricks, and tools for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs. Businesses and entrepreneurs will also be featured, their stories and journeys showcased and continued in various issues.

Freyo is also partnering with the ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation and Autophile. Both organizations are launching their own unique digital publications on Freyo later this year.

Screencapped from freyo’s android app

 Digital Media Convergence

Globaltronics continues to build its reputation as the leader in digital innovation after penetrating the mobile scene through MobKard, and now invested in a mobile content platform Freyo. Mr. William Guido, CEO and Chairman of Globaltronics, firmly believes that there is a need to be mobile. According to a study by Strategic Consumer Media Insights, Inc., most of the Filipinos are now favoring screen-based media like smartphones and tablets. LED sector still plays a major role in bringing information about products and services of many enterprises thereby helping many Filipinos and their families have a better life. Hence, it is also incumbent upon Globaltronics to move forward with the digital trends and converge into mobile scene race where content developments are unlimited, brand visibility are increasing, and access and feedbacking among businesses are easier.

Aside from its partnership and support with mobile digital startups, Globaltronics continues to support and partner with major national and international humanitarian organizations like Philippine National Red Cross, World Vision, Habitat for Humanity, and Philippine National Police among many others.

Freyo can now be downloaded and subscribed to for free at the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Mobile Store.

Freyo’s Ad Packages:

“We provide advertisers the opportunity to promote their company within the online magazines. Ads will appear on all Freyo magazines until the number of impressions (an impression is counted each time your ad is seen by a reader on any of our magazines) is hit.”


Globaltronics Website:
E-mail:Sales Team:
Social Media:
Landline: 721-2878

Remember when I said earlier about that one lucky guest who took home the event’s raffle major prize of  a 55″ Philips LED TV?  Now that’s lucky! His name is Matt Lee of Matt Lee Shoots.

Image courtesy of Globaltronics Inc.

There was also a photobooth right outside the grand ballroom, so I and my friends gathered round. lol

From left to right: Bernie Faustine Diaz Brijuega (Globaltronics Social Media Associate), Me, Amiel AbcedeVincent Rocha & AJ Serna of Travels.

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