Travel Guide: El Nido, Palawan – Nacpan Twin Beach

Travel Guide: El Nido, Palawan – Nacpan Twin Beach

Twin beach? Yup! In my lifetime, this is the only instance I saw such a natural spectacle. It was also an awesome feeling being in the MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND IN THE WORLD. And as a Filipino traveller, I also want to show everyone how beautiful our country is, and why you should visit the Philippines.

The Nacpan and Calitang twin beach rest approximately 17 kilometers north of El Nido town. How to go there? easy! You can rent a motorcycle anywhere in the town that’s (automatic/manual transmission types are available) good for 2 passengers for a standard price of ₱500.00 ($10.69) inclusive of half liter gasoline. And since we all want to spend our money wisely, haggling skills will come in handy! I consider myself a master haggler (lol) and got our motorcycle for ₱400.00 ($8.56). The other option is renting a tricycle that’s good for 3-4 passengers for ₱600.00 ($12.83) and up. You need to haggle/negotiate with the drivers in town to get the best possible rate.

Here is exact the location from El Nido town:

Yup, its quite far, and driving there may take a while, you will also have to drive through outrageously bumpy roads towards the beach. It was visibly being developed already (road widening and cementing in progress) It took us around an hour to reach the beach and these are the photos I took from the beautiful place:

After paying the entrance fee of ₱25.00 (FILIPINO RESIDENTS) / ₱50.00 (FOREIGNERS) per personyou can park your vehicles under the palm trees near the shore.

There are A LOT of children who will ask you for spare change, or beg you to have them guard your motorcycle for a fee.

Don’t forget your sunscreens.

This beach has powdery white sand, and the waters are every inviting. Perfect for tourists who wants to get their TAN on.

Definitely one of the best beaches I have been in my life. No kidding.

A kid looks as a foreigner passes by.

The fishing boat’s name is relevant to our country right now. We will be getting a new president/government body who will/should solve/lessen the issues many Filipinos are facing. Hence the name BAGONG PAGASA (NEW HOPE).

More fishing boats at Calitang beach.

The iconic view of the twin beach. I hope I gave justice to the spectacular view. Take note: I did not edit any color aspect of this photo, I just placed my watermark. Relevance? It means this place is really beautiful.

An obligatory GoPro selfie! The sun was high, hence the awkward pose lol.

I don’t know if you can see, but there’s a boat with passengers in this photo. Saw it? Good eyes!

What better way to end our tour at the beach! ICE CREAM!

A small cone will cost you ₱20.00 ($0.428) Its affordable, but as a Filipino, such size should only cost ₱5.00 ($0.11) She was the only ice cream vendor in the area that time, and it wouldn’t hurt to spend more to help a small business. We directly went to another beach afterwards, to LAS CABANAS. Its 2km south of the El Nido town to witness the iconic Marimegmeg Beach Sunset.

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