Travel Guide: El Nido, Palawan – Marimegmeg Beach Sunset

Travel Guide: El Nido, Palawan – Marimegmeg Beach Sunset

There is a quote from a Mexican musician that says: “There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.” We can definitely attest to that. The landscape where the sun has set the time we were at this beach would be way different than what you saw on your end, but, the one thing that remains the same is the beauty of it, no matter where you are.

Marimegmeg beach (Popularly known now as Las Cabanas, which is actually a resort along the beach) is located just 4 kilometers south of El Nido town, and you can either rent a motorcycle that’s good for two or a tricycle that could fit 3-4 passengers. For the rates, please check my previous blog post about nacpan beach, or just click HERE.

Good thing I arrived just in time for me to see the beach before the sun has set. It took me around an hour or so to drive from Nacpan twin beach. Good thing vehicular traffic is not an issue in El Nido.

You’ll have to go through this path (that’s obviously narrow – a new resort being constructed) and since the path is for two way traffic, you have to give way to other people passing. There’s NO ENTRANCE FEE (unlike Nacpan beach).

I arrived just in time!

A lot of people were already prepared to see the main event, drinking beer and other refreshments while chatting with one another.

Its always nice to see tourists from around the world enjoying in Philippine soil, and this beach has hundreds! enjoying the sun, and creating priceless memories.

Tables were set up at this area as far as the one you see by the sea on the rocks, where refreshments are served at the bar. Drinks are expected to be pricey, and if you want good seats, better come early.

One day I’ll also watch sunsets and sunrise aboard my own boat 😀

And oh, did I mention there’s a zip line you can utilize while watching the sunset? It costs ₱500.00 ($10.69) with a length of 750m that connects Las Cabanas Resort to Snake Island. If you wish to go back using the Zip line once more, you will have to pay ₱400.00 ($8.55) otherwise, you could just walk your way back (only if its low tide) or swim.

There are countless ways to get your very own unique sunset shot at this beach, like this for example, I saw a cloth tied to a wooden stick just near the shore. I tried to use it as a silhouette and this photo is the result.

I saw a vacant hammock and I immediately went to it for a photo op. Smile!

I’m no model, I enjoy more being the person behind the camera.

Sharing to you my view inside the hammock. Those tired feet are getting some rest they deserve.

Some kid enjoying the zip line. I won’t put captions on the next 4 photos so you could immerse yourself in the images without distractions.

My total spending at this beach: ₱0.00, you read that right, I didn’t buy any refreshment (true reason: I am a budget travellers/backpacker) haha.

There you have it. If you are in El Nido now, or planning to visit El Nido soon, better put this beach on your Itinerary, or regret not seeing the beautiful sunset I witnessed. Another one checked off my bucket list!

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