Travel Guide: El Nido, Palawan 4D/3N for less than ₱5800 all-in

El Nido, Palawan 4D/3N for less than ₱5800 including airfare

Palawan was just recently hailed as the MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND IN THE WORLD by American Mass Media Company: Condé Nast Traveler on their most recent 2016 READERS’ CHOICE AWARDS. I think that recognition alone should be enough to convince you to go to Palawan as soon as possible 🙂

We arranged a discounted island hopping tour with a contact I got from a travel page on facebook and was not disappointed. We chose the (most popular) tours A & C (on separate days). For reference, here’s a map of the Islands showing the coverage of each tour.

Tour A: Seven Commandos Beach, Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Shimizu Island & Secret Lagoon. I have several photos to share from this tour, though since I am using a DSLR on a boat with constant water exposure, I am not able to capture all sights. Still, I hope you like the photos I was able to capture (smile):

All aboard and ready to go! Even before the boat left the port, we already became friends with other joiners and exchanged thoughts on travel destinations.

  • Seven Commandos Beach

Refreshments are available here, though a bit pricey: Banana Q: ₱50.00, Fresh Buko (Coconut water)₱50.00 & Buko Rhum (Coconut water with Tanduay Rhum): ₱100.00

Joiners enjoying the powdery sand and clear waters of the beach.

Trivia: After this shot, I got stung by a Box Jellyfish on my right thumb just as when I explored the waters near the boat. Yup, a Box Jelly (the most venomous marine animal). Luckily, I only got stung on my finger and only experienced extreme pain on the said area. Everyone should watch out for them, as they do not have color and will just be present almost anywhere. You may be asking, what’s it like to be stung? Answer: I got electrocuted once before (for a split second) and it was painful (Pain Scale of 3-4/10). Being stung by a box jelly felt similarly close to being electrocuted with a Pain Scale of 10/10. Good thing the tour guide (said he is used to the event) and brought lemons to apply on my finger. The pain lasted for about an hour. After that, all is well! Again, always be careful (smile)

Our friend, Vini wanted to be the last person to get off the boat. Why? I don’t know, hahaha.

  • Secret Lagoon

A flock of people lining up to enter the lagoon, I was one of the first to go in and didn’t bother staying inside because the water turned brown already (so many people inside) You can get a glimpse of what it looks like inside on the video I made at the end of this page.

LUNCH! Our tour started late (around 10am, normal start time is 8am) because of problems with other joiners arriving late. On our boat, there’re 21 people. Just imagine what this feast looked like after hahaha.


After lunch, we are now headed to our next stop: Big Lagoon

While en route, I took the chance to sit at the frontmost part of the boat to have an unobstructed view of the beautiful sea and landscapes.

  • Big Lagoon 

Unfortunately, this is the only photo I captured because our boat was too big to enter the shallow waters inside, so we parked at the entrance. (you will see more of this place, even an aerial view! on my video at the last part of this page) (smile)

  • Small Lagoon

This now became one of my favorite places I have kayaked. Kayak rental is ₱300.00/hour (good for 2). You can enjoy that time limit because you will stay here for an hour.

Vini can swim well, so he didn’t need a kayak. (Note: Jellyfish are present here, so you need to be extra careful when swimming.)

Not a lot of people yet when this photo was taken.

And here’s the whole gang! all 21 of us on a huge boat! The tour finished around 4pm and we are heading back to the port. Arghhh the sun!

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