Hot Event: TravelBook.PH’s Getaway at Mountain Lake Resort

Planning a Family or Company Outing? Check out’s Blogger Getaway ft. Mountain Lake Resort!

Whenever I think about having a fun getaway that I will surely remember, I always include food, friends, fun activities and flowing beer! haha, scratch that last one if you’re a minor  🙂 everything should be planned (or not) but one thing is for sure, the memories and marshmallows shared are all going to be part of an amazing experience.

Exactly those and more were the key components of the most recent event I have been luckily part of. This event is‘s 3D/2N Blogger Getaway at Mountain Lake Resort in Cavinti, Laguna.

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Mountain Lake Resort:
A perfect place for your corporate events, team building, school outings and nature trips outside of the Metro. Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort is nestled beside Lake Caliraya in the town of Cavinti, Laguna and overlooking the majestic Mount Banahaw of Quezon.

To know more about Mountain Lake Resort, visit their Facebook Page, or their TravelBook Booking Site.

Photo from
The image above shows the property of Mountain Lake Resort. For more information and a detailed guide of their Accommodation, Food Service, Golf Course, Marina, and other exciting activities, click HERE.

They are located less than 4 hours away from Manila!

The most convenient way of going to this place is by private vehicle, van rental, or getting a package deal from the resort where pickup and dropoff is an optional add on.

Rundown of the activities/amenities (rates are on the last page): 

  • ATV
  • Jetski
  • Kayak
  • Biking
  • Bonfire
  • Zipline
  • Fishing
  • Karaoke
  • Astro Camp
  • Lake Cruise
  • Paddle Boat
  • Banana Boat
  • Tagu-taguan
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Swimming Pool
  • Obstacle Course
  • Horseback Riding

Fast forward to Day 1:

This is what you will see upon entering the Clubhouse. There’s more at the sides but my camera can only capture this. The reception is at the right side, and there are Korean Services at the left side. There’s also a gift shop where you can get your Mountain Lake memorabilia.

– Click on an image to expand –

Our team had lunch inside a function room at the Clubhouse. It was also during that time where we introduced ourselves and got to know the people behind

Very first GoPro groupie on this trip haha
– Click on an image to expand –

After lunch, we went biking! It’s one of many activities you can enjoy for a very affordable price! They have single & tandem bikes option.

After biking, we were guided by the resort’s courteous staff to our accommodation – Amihan Cottages which is located conveniently beside all the main land and water activities.

  • What you’re seeing is our Amihan Cottage (if you’ll notice: the sides which are supposed to be open so the air could come in, are all closed – that is because it was raining that day, and we risk getting soaked if they aren’t.)
– Click on an image to expand –
There were 5 beds and only 4 of us, so I immediately grabbed the extra pillow XD sorry guys!

There’s a television and a DVD player in the cottage (placed behind the camera) so you and your friends could have movie marathons, in case it’s too hot/raining outside. The linens are clean, though there were noticeable ants here and there that bit us once or twice during our stay.

Rates for accommodation and all activities will be shown on the last page.

If you are wondering where the restroom is, it’s outside. If you will stay in Amihan Cottages, you will use a shared restroom. But don’t worry! because their restroom is HUGE with hot & cold shower and toilets with a bidet which are all maintained clean every day. If you choose to have a private restroom, you will have to check in at their Hotel at the Clubhouse, but the downside is, you’ll be far from all the main activities (you have to ride the resort shuttle).

+ ACCOMMODATION VERDICT: Comfortable, minus the ants.

Since it was raining cats and dogs the whole day, we were not able to do much, nor follow the original Itinerary up until dinner. So we spent the entire day resting (most of us had to, either no sleep because of excitement for the trip, or no sleep because they came straight from work)

Dinner Time!

Here you see me and my co-blogger friends having (super fast) dinner at the Clubhouse. The food was good and we all were stuffed for the evening!

The dark room is now well-lighted! Thanks to GoPro’s night mode (also you shouldn’t move when taking a night photo, cause the result may end up blurry)

Right after dinner, we went back to the function room to for our “Social Night”.

Basically, we teamed up and fought for scores playing Charades. It was a super fun evening full of laughs and unleashed talents in acting – lol. Everyone was cooperative and even if it was raining and cold that day, we were all sweating from continuous laughing.

Around 9pm, we went back to our cottages and prepared for a “continued social night” where we all gathered in one cottage and had fun conversations over shots of Empi Lights haha. A few hours later, it’s bedtime.

End of Day 1


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