El Masfino Hotel and Resort, Bulacan

Weekend Getaway at El Masfino Hotel and Resort + The Newest Community Hub in Bulacan

El Masfino Hotel & Resort is located within the Royal Northwoods Golf course and caters to the premium market. Conceptualized to provide first-class living retreat, where mind and body can blissfully rest and recharge. Kids can have a full-day and endless hours of fun swimming, playing volleyball or basketball, go biking, ride a dune buggy, and stroll along the panoramic view of the whole 3-hectare of fun and enjoyment.

Logo and Facade

Upon arrival, you will see this sign in front of the hotel, across the drop-off area. Your group will then be aided by the hotel staff to the lobby so you can register and get your room keys.

Front Desk
El Masfino Hotel & Resort Front Desk.

Margareth, Claire, and Jhey Em attended to us (bloggers) with smiles and made sure we were all properly registered before we get our room keys.

There were around 18 bloggers who made it to the hotel, so there’ll be 3 bloggers per room (plus the PerCX admin). BUT with a sudden turn of events, an extra deluxe room opened up, so I grabbed the opportunity when we were asked where we want to stay. My co-bloggers (almost all) seemed to already know each other, and they don’t want to separate from their group, so more room for me! lol.

I already know what to expect at the Hotel & Resort because I checked them out online before going, but what I did not expect is HOW BEAUTIFUL the whole place really was up close and personal.

Walking to the hotel rooms gave us a glimpse on what we will be enjoying the whole day. The hotel offers A LOT of activities to keep you and your friends/family busy and entertained throughout your stay.

But first!

Here you see my huge Deluxe room with two comfortable beds (Queen size bed also available), a clean bathroom, well supplied mini fridge, and a mini bar. The AC system cooled the room fast too! This room can fit Maximum of four (4) pax (extra beds) (2 adults & 2 kids).

I settled in, freshened up, and took the liberty to take more photos of the cozy room (this time, with me in it) haha.

Just in case you wanted to know what the view is from my room on the second floor. If you don’t want a higher level room, just request a room at the ground level (depends on availability) where you’ll also get easier access to the pool.


We will be exploring the Hotel & Resort grounds on the next page!

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2 thoughts on “El Masfino Hotel and Resort, Bulacan


    Hi Mon I will be visiting in october and i want to know what options i have for travelling there from manila airport and also need to know if a tricycle service is available to vist near by province areas i have searched extensively and have been unable to find such information.


    1. Hello, you can commute by riding a bus at Baliwag Terminal in Cubao bound for Baliuag, Bulacan. Alight at Baliuag Town Proper, and hire any tricycle that’ll bring you to El Masfino Resort at Royal Northwoods Golf and Country Club.

      Hope this helps!


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