Paradise at Eagle Point Resort, Batangas

Three days in Paradise at Eagle Point Beach and Dive Resort, Batangas

“Paradise Beyond Wilderness”

Eagle Point Resort is a nature’s wonderland. Situated on the tip of Calumpang Peninsula, and on the southern mouth of the beautiful Balayan Bay. Facilities, amenities, and activities are carefully designed and selected to refresh, relax, inspire, and energize you, such as comfortable accommodation, fine restaurant, Sepoc beach, swimming pools, conference rooms, and aviaries. 

– Day 1 –

Upon arrival at the resort, I was welcomed by the front desk crew and Ms. Nikki Miave – Executive Assistant at Eagle Point Resort. While I was filling up the guest form, I was given an orange juice as welcome drink (refreshing!). I immediately noticed how huge the resort was, just by looking outside the windows, which made me feel more excited to explore and discover all the amenities and activities lined up.

Forgot your swimsuit? how about your must-bring sunblock? whatever your swimming desires or needs are, whether you forgot one or two, or just want to add more to your collection of swim gear, their gift shop is very accessible, to your left after going down from reception.

I took the liberty and roamed around the resort while waiting for my room to be ready. I arrived around 11 am, and I was surely exhausted by the travel from Manila, but seeing the ocean and awesome spots at the resort, I knew I had to go around and document, instead of just bumming around, waiting for the room to be fixed.

First, I took photos of their bar and restaurant, where they have a super huge area for diners and cocktail lovers. And when I say huge, I really mean really spacious. Take a look:

You’ll never have to worry about bringing an extra friend (or two). I was also impressed how intricate the details are in “The Eagle’s Nest” (Restaurant name) where they infused wood with color white, which for me means earth, nature, and balance. I also looked forward to having all of my meals at this beautiful restaurant, which serves a variety of seafood specialties, oriental, and continental cuisine. Pair your excellent dish with an unobstructed panoramic view of the sea.

As soon as you step outside the Eagle’s Nest, you’ll immediately notice two super big swimming pools (Eagle Point Resort has a total of 4 swimming pools – three fresh water, and one salt water), you feel are calling your name, that you just have to jump in, or take a video of yourself while sliding down the pool. These pools will be a sure hit for Family getaways, reunions, or corporate team buildings!

This three-star resort is a luxurious, but budget-friendly getaway for nature-lovers, thrill-seekers, couples, families, and corporate groups. With its strategic location, it also provides scuba divers easy access to the best diving spots in Anilao.

You’ll never run out of selfie angles, group shots over, or under the turquoise waters of the swimming pools. Good thing there weren’t a lot of guests when I came (weekday) and I was able to take clean shots of the facilities. Guests definitely came as the week ended, and the resort was fully booked come Saturday.

Eagle Point Resort

As I was taking photos of the resort, waves were crashing non-stop, because of the bad weather. Good thing it didn’t rain the whole time I was leisurely walking. Look at how strong the waves are! I also saw all the other accommodations Eagle Point Resort have. From Nipa Huts under the trees, the Casa Blanca Suite, Lawyer’s Suite, and the beautiful AC cottages that were all beach front.

It was around 1 pm when I was contacted by Nikki, telling me that my room is already available. I went back to the front desk, and was assisted by a resort personnel with my backpack, which I appreciated. We went to the Terrace Hotel – Eagle Point Resort’s newest addition to their lineup of comfortable accommodation, just a few meters away from the swimming pools you saw earlier.

Deluxe Room – Sea View

“Dear Terrific Traveller, Welcome to Eagle Point Resort! On behalf of the entire Resort team, I would like to wish you a pleasant stay with us. We are very much excited to provide you a relaxing and enjoyable stay away from the busy streets of the city. Don’t hesitate to reach us if you would need further assistance during your stay” – Maria Shiela Perez, Operations Manager

I honestly wasn’t expecting my room (Deluxe Room) to be this huge, it was really really spacious! Best for families and big groups, for any kind of occasion! Let me give you a quick tour around:

Eagle Point Resort is now the largest and most popular diving destination for locals and foreigners. It is also the premier company outing venue in Batangas, as it offers exclusive access to private and secluded beaches and a plethora of water activities.

Upon stepping outside the balcony, you’ll have a scenic view of the sea, the reef pool, and an unobstructed view of the sunset (which I didn’t get to experience because of bad weather) poor me =(

This is the Terrace Hotel as seen from my room’s balcony. Overlooking tranquil Balayan Bay, the Mediterranean inspired hotel has 40 spacious, well-appointed rooms – 32 deluxe terrace rooms with seaside balconies, and 8 superior non-view rooms. All rooms are air-conditioned, with bathroom and satellite TV.

Loft Type room (above) is also available for bigger groups, or for families who’d like to add a little class and privacy. For the complete list of room types and their rates, CLICK HERE.

FAST FORWARD TO DINNER (because I literally slept the whole afternoon, and just waited till sundown for my very first meal at Eagle Point Resort.)

Yup! not one, not two, but three photos (not orders, lol) of the sumptuous prawns and soup I finished all by myself! I paired my UYO PRAWNS (sautéed king prawns in garlic butter served with saffron rice) with THAI BROTH WITH CHICKEN AND VEGETABLE SOUP (spicy chicken broth with assorted vegetables) and the pair was just right for a cold stormy night.



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