Paradise at Eagle Point Resort, Batangas

– Day 2 –

I slept like a King. That’s exactly how I felt having a whole bed for myself and waking up to a beautiful sunrise. And if you are not aware, I am a breakfast person. I have to eat breakfast, or I probably won’t last till lunch hahaha.

Being the breakfast monster I am, I got myself a classic FILIPINO BREAKFAST plate and a side order of yummy bacon. What a heavy meal to fulfill my hunger!

I stood on top of the resort’s “great” wall (sea wall) and tried to capture a morning selfie. (always be careful when trying things like this)

The weather was still not cooperating on day 2 (I should have gone to Sepoc Island already) but the sea current was rough, and all water activities like banana boat, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, were all canceled. SAD right? But there’s still swimming pools and other recreational activities I can enjoy at the resort while waiting for the weather to calm down.

The beach resort is an ideal destination that offers year-round scuba diving, snorkeling and a variety of water sports. It lies in the middle of a network of 30 Anilao dive spots, which are part of the Verde Island Passage.

So I went back to the swimming pool. This time I had my photos taken while I was in the pool. The pools are not heated, so better be ready when visiting the resort during rainy season.

Eagle Point Resort

Also took advantage of the smashing waves, and got smashed. hahaha! (don’t do this without supervision, because the waves may push you hard or bring you in.)

And after hurting my body (the wave was THAT strong), I decided that simple photos would do haha. Where I sat above was actually pretty steep, and I was faking it till I make it (the photo) lol.

Come lunchtime, I ordered FISH AND PRAWNS (sautéed fish and prawns in vegetable with curry sauce) and a glass of FRESH MANGO JUICE (no milk). I was literally hungry when lunch came, all of my energy lost on my failed attempts of a good photo where the waves were smashing hahaha. The mango juice was perfect! exactly what I needed after a humid tiring morning. Add the delightful fish and prawns, and lunch was “solb!

After lunch, I went around the places I haven’t been at the resort, like the recreational area above where they have a table tennis table and a billiard table for barkada/family bonding that doesn’t require too much effort! Also good for guests who don’t want to have tan under the sun =)

You’ll also meet these two very playful cockatoos! I actually “mingled” with them for a little over 20 minutes! You’ll know why I stayed that long when you meet them hahaha!

After lunch, I just stayed in my room while it drizzled the whole afternoon. Wonder what the Eagle’s Nest looks like at night time? check out the photos above. This ends my Day 2.



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