Paradise at Eagle Point Resort, Batangas

– Day 3 –

Or my last day at Eagle Point Resort. The day that I will have to leave at noon, and go back to polluted Manila. I didn’t want to waste my remaining time and tried my luck with “Try Scuba” since the weather was pretty okay the time I woke up till around 9:00 am. I was not able to take photos of the buffet breakfast because I had to hurry so I could still try the scuba activity before going home.

The seas of Batangas are known for cradling more than half of the world’s species of corals and marine wildlife, including dolphins, marine turtles, and whale sharks or butanding. On your boat ride heading to each dive spot, you’ll see the clear turquoise ocean bursting with underwater life and diversity.

I never in my life imagined that I would even try scuba diving because I am not a swimmer. I barely even know how to float hahaha. But everything changed when I was faced with the opportunity to try scuba diving in the resort’s own reef pool. Above you see me, and behind me is the reef pool.

Eagle Point Resort’s Reef Pool is located in front of the Dive Shop and Water Sports Center. It is a simulated eco-system with colorful fishes, baby sharks, sea turtles, and corals. Guests can do several activities like swimming, snorkeling, and try scuba.

I didn’t waste time and fixed all gear required for diving, carefully listened to the dive master’s instructions before going in, and splash! It was an activity I felt was difficult at first, had issues taking in the air from the tank, but after around 10-15 minutes, I eventually settled in, and the short but sweet dive was one of the most amazing and exciting water activities I have ever done in my life:

Eagle Point Resort

I know I’m supposed to swim and not stand – haha! but that time I can’t help wondering what it’s like standing, or if it’s even possible given the air tank, and all sorts of things attached to my body that could make me lose my balance. Turns out, it was pretty easy! After I stepped on the reef pool’s floor, I managed to stand up that got the fishes, perhaps, curious – lol (REEF POOL VIDEO COMING SOON)

The whole experience was a memory to treasure and share. From the warm and genuine smiles I received upon arrival, to the amazing customer service, good food, fantastic activities (though I’ll have to go back to try them all, also Sepoc island) and never ending fun, Eagle Point Resort is a must visit whether you are just planning a weekend getaway with friends, family reunion, or even corporate parties/events!



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