CabinZero British Lightweight Backpack

Zero Hassle with Cabin Zero

Maybe you’re already familiar with the brand, saw it on your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter timelines, or perhaps a friend/family member owns one (or two, or a lot), and always posts photos of him/her at the beach, strolling at the park, or in an adventure somewhere picturesque, always bringing their sturdy Cabin Zero bag. Well, that’s not surprising because Cabin Zero has been making waves here and abroad for being a brand who not only creates masterpieces worth bragging but also contributes balance to the environment.

There are a lot of reviews out there who themselves have experienced first hand how Cabin Zero helped them with difficult baggage situations, or how the brand has greatly improved their traveling lifestyle. I am proud to say that I’m one of them.

I have used my Cabin Zero for almost all of my travels after having it a few months ago (mid-August). And it’s a wonder for all backpack fanatics out there! Check out some of the most notable features:


Means it fits all major airline’s overhead cabins with no problems. I no longer experience having an airline staff ask me to have my Cabin Zero checked-in because even though it’s 44L, it looks so compact and lightweight!


How about more angles to choose from when flaunting your bag? I mean carrying your bag? That’s what you will get with Cabin Zero’s Top and Side Handles, which I tested to be equally comfortable however you carry it even in full load. And have you ever had that unfortunate incident where you left your bag somewhere and suddenly can’t remember? or intentionally letting a friend or relative use your reliable Cabin Zero because you won’t be traveling anytime soon? OKOBAN Tracking will help you find/trace your Cabin Zero wherever it is in the world. Awesome right?


Why would you even think about getting another brand with just a year or two, when you can get 25 YEARS with Cabin Zero! that’s enough proof that your bag would LAST.

Above you see are two Classic 44L Cabin Sized Bags in Royal Blue (mine) and Mysore Red (my friend’s). These are only two of many other color variations that are available for purchase in the Philippines! They both look nice, right?

Above you see how compact it is inside a regular Jeepney in the Philippines! I know you already want one 🙂

“CabinZero sources the main materials for our bags ourselves. This allows us to customise them exactly to our own specification. All main material is imported from the most respected fabric mills in Asia. Each roll of material is also tested by us before mass production to ensure the specification meets our own high standards. The types of tests conducted include fade tests, strength tests, water resistance tests, colour fastness to light tests, and many more.” – Cabin Zero Website

So where can you purchase the awesome Cabin Zero bags?




Thanks to Cabin Zero I’m now more outgoing than ever, I can easily pack 2-3 weeks worth of clothes with travel essentials in one bag rather than getting extra baggage allowance, and my Friends and Family are now using Cabin Zero for all the good they saw in it!

I will never replace my Cabin Zero for another travel bag of the same capacity and comfort. Unless it’s a new Cabin Zero bag lol!

Get your own Cabin Zero bag now!

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