Adventure Farm in Timberland Heights, Rizal

5 Reasons why Adventure Farm in Timberland Heights is a must-visit all year round!

Adventure FarmWhat comes to your mind when you hear the word “adventure”? do you instantly think about beaches? how about long road trips? – there’s absolutely no wrong feeling when experiences are about fun memories. You can have all of that and more at this newest destination in San Mateo, Rizal!

Adventure Farm

To my dear readers, let me and my fellow bloggers introduce the newest educational farm concept of Filinvest Land Inc – Adventure Farm! Located just 9 kilometers away from Quezon City, in a 60,000 square meter lot inside Timberland Heights in San Mateo Rizal is a perfect place to connect with nature and a temporary escape from the stressful city life, offers an ideal venue for family bonding, educational learning in observance of biodiversity and even an event venue partner for all occasions, a ready and all natural photo backdrop for photo and video shoots and other media related requirements.

Let us show you the 5 reasons why Adventure Farm is a must visit all year round!

#1 There’s more to farms than meets the eye!
“Butterfly Buddies”

You’ve probably been to a lot of farms in your lifetime – and that’s a good thing! so you now have an idea how they look like, and what activities you can do there. Well, let me tell you, Adventure Farm is definitely a farm, but an upgraded one! It is designed to create an exciting and lasting experience for families and customers of all ages who engage in their eclectic informational activities which includes an immersion to biodiversity.

We also got to mingle with organic pigs (hence the selfie haha), organic chickens (that were absolutely huge), and so much more!

You have to bring your kids here (family getaway). They will never run out of things to do and see, most specially these interactions bring more knowledge to them (and to us as well).

#2 Team buildings and educational tours are here to stay!
Team Blogger

Been looking for a unique venue for your team building? look no more because Adventure Farm has a lot of space for all your ideas and projects. Your team can organize a fun run, an obstacle run, and a lot more! Not only does Adventure Farm cater to private company events, they also accept educational tours for our little ones who will surely want to come back!

Images above are by @thedennismurillo

We got to experience a spartan-like race at Adventure Farm, where we ran through thick mud, hiked uphill and downhill terrain, collected flags through obstacles, and most importantly, we danced the day away! We competed (friendly) against Team Timberland, and we lost. But we didn’t really care because we came for the experience and thrill, not for any medal. For us, finishing the race was the best reward (plus the food before and after the race lol)

The obstacle race was super fun and I could tell that everyone behind Adventure Farm exerted a lot of effort just to make our experience one of a kind. You could have this tiring-but-rewarding adventure! just contact Adventure Farm to inquire about their team building services and rates.



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