Anilag Festival 2018, Sta. Cruz, Laguna

Anilag Festival 2018: Sama-Sama ang Pamilya sa Masayang Laguna

I’ve been to a mass of festivals around the Philippines, from the grandest to the most picturesque, where only a few left a special mark on my heart, but all I treasure very dearly. A select few where Anilag Festival effortlessly claimed a spot.

I can confidently that because I was given the opportunity to stay in Sta. Cruz, Laguna for the coverage of Anilag Festival, where I’ve not only felt genuine and warm hospitality, but also the strong passion and purpose of the festival to bring back family closeness, recollections of childhood, sincerer connection with God, and infinite joy.

But wait, do you entirely know what Anilag is?

Spearheaded by the office of the Provincial Governor and in cooperation with the Municipal and City Mayors of the entire province, the weeklong festival promises not only a glimpse of Laguna’s wonders, but an experience of the unique blend of cultural, historical and religious celebrations of each of its 27 municipalities and 3 cities, as well.

Dubbed as the Mother of all Festivals, ANILAG (derived from Ani ng Laguna) showcases an array of activities relating to the arts, culture and industries distinctive of Laguna and its people.  It is both a celebration and thanksgiving which highlights 26 festivals rolled into one.  It boasts of the varied local sights and sounds and loads of gastronomical sensations that make Laguna one of the most popular tourism destinations in the country.


Before everything unfolded in Sta. Cruz for Anilag Festival’s week-long celebration, there was a historical event that I was very lucky to be part of: The carriage carrying Our Lady of Maulawin (where an image of the Virgin Mary showed while a tree was getting cut in Aglipay), the image of the Immaculate Conception from Sta. Cruz, Laguna, and Our Lady of Turumba (Nuestra Señora De Los Dolores De Turumba) from the Provincial Government of Pakil’s St. Peter of Alcantara Parish all converged at Sta. Cruz bridge en route to Sta. Cruz Provincial Capitol on Day 1.

It was historical because that was the first time in the History of Church and Religion in the Province of Laguna where the Aglipay and Romano combined for the UNITY of all.

Among the festival highlights were trade fair exhibits, land float parade, street dancing competition, fashion show competition, car and motor show, “Pinakamagandang Lola ng Laguna”, shows featuring the LGBT community, and artisans of different expertise are among the wonderful experiences the families and tourists attended and relished.
Miss Laguna Gay Queen 2018
Pinakamagandang Lola ng Laguna 2018
Burdang Lumban

I’ve had the greatest pleasure working with Dr. Rosauro A Sta. Maria Jr. – who is the Overall Chairman of Anilag Festival, is also an advocate of bringing Arts, Philippine History, and Culture to the forefront of every Filipino.

Dr. Sta. Maria strongly believes that on every Filipino wall should be a painting, a vision that artists should make their crafts low-cost or modest so there won’t be de-appreciation of talent and works of art.

I’d like to give special thanks to all the amazing people from LTCATO (Laguna Tourism, Culture, Arts, and Trade Office) who assisted and kept me sane (lol) the whole week in Sta. Cruz, Laguna. From the creatives team, the management, you guys know who you are! 🙂 Thank you!

Ginoo at Binibining Laguna 2018

The people behind the immense realization of Anilag Festival, from the Office of the Governor – Governor Ramil Hernandez, the Provincial Capitol, LTCATO, and all Lagunenses, they have so much positivity to take in, but so little time – the hardworking and tireless men and women who made everything materialize already have to prepare for Anilag 2019 this month! – A year’s worth of development for all around the world to savor!

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