Kaon na ta sa KKD STK + BBQ, Cebu City

QUESTION: Asa man lami mo kaon sa Cebu? (Where’s a good place to eat in Cebu?)

ANSWER: Edi sa KKD STK + BBQ! (Koko Dine STK + BBQ)

And before you jump to conclusions, (don’t we at times? – lol) STK doesn’t mean shoot-to-kill. STK means Sugba-Tula-Kilaw – which means you can have your food prepared THREE different ways: SUGBA – GRILLED, TULA – SOUP, and KILAW – RAW. You can still order FRIED food, so don’t worry oil lovers.

You will always have a table at KKD STK + BBQ. There are two floors, and both levels are very well lit and ventilated.

I know you’ve come here to see these, so here’s what our group enjoyed at KKD STK + BBQ:

LAMI TANAN OG BARATO! (All were Delightful and Affordable!) – Don’t think twice bringing your barkada, colleagues, or family for an eat-out – you’ll be surprised how affordable and goooood their mouth-watering dishes are!

Here we are, the lucky and hungry group who enjoyed all of KKD STK + BBQ’s fantastic dishes, we actually couldn’t finish them all! (serving size is very generous). With me are some of the biggest names in the Blogging Industry in the Visayan Region: Mr. Sinjin Pineda (President of Cebu Bloggers Society), Mr. CJ Estrada (Cebu-based Vlogger), Mr. Abbie Ruiz (Cebu-based Influencer), Ms. Ma. Cristialyn Ong (Account Manager at Zomato Philippines), and of course, a Very Big Thank You to Mr. Clement Raymund Hordista (KKD STK + BBQ Marketing Head) for accommodating all of us!

This gastronomic warehouse is located just 4 minutes away from Plaza Independencia (https://goo.gl/maps/mPN6LdHfKXo), you won’t get lost (sa love ba naligaw ka na? – pag sure oi!)

Thank you, CJ Estrada for the food photos, who also made an awesome video featuring KKD STK + BBQ. (I have a cameo!) Watch it below:

KKD STK+ BBQ Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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