5-Star Spacation at I’M Hotel, Makati City

I’M Hotel Redefines the Concept of Luxury

In the heart of Poblacion, Makati is a luxurious hotel fit for everyone seeking comfort, indulgence, gastronomic goodness, and unending adventure. There are a lot of hotels in the neighborhood, but you will definitely distinguish the difference of this newest 5-STAR Hotel, just a few minutes away from Makati Central Business District.

Upon arrival at the drop-off, your eyes will instantly see the towering architectural marvel which is I’M Hotel – which also houses I’M Onsen Spa, the largest state-of-the-art spa facility in the Philippines featuring unique carbonated bath with technology imported from Japan.

I’M Hotel aims to redefine the concept of luxury, by removing dated and irrelevant excesses to focus on elements that deliver the highest levels of utility. Every customer touchpoint is carefully curated and tailored to the guests’ preferences. The name itself is a homage to the guest, an invitation for them to project their personalities and preferences onto the hotel so that they can truly call the experience their own.

Bet you want to know what you’re in for if you choose to stay at I’M Hotel correct? well don’t worry, I got you covered. Let’s start the tour, shall we?

I’M Revitalized at I’M Onsen Spa

Spanning an expansive 3800 sqm over 6 stories, your inner spa-fanatic-soul will go gaga (in a good way) wandering the large halls filled with modern facilities to keep up with the ever-growing demand for – wait for it – massage/therapy!

But don’t worry, even if the facilities are modern, you will still feel the vibe of being in a sanctuary full of positive energy, calming impact, and healing spirit.

The spa houses 69 beds. Guests can choose to avail their treatments in a wide variety of rooms, from communal beds to couple rooms with ensuite jacuzzis or steam rooms, or executive and VIP rooms fit for small exclusive gatherings.

I haven’t really been to a lot of Spas in the Metro, only those at hotels I’ve also collaborated with in the past, but I can say I’M Onsen Spa has some the best, and modern facilities around. My Mom and I definitely enjoyed our 1-hour massage from their expert therapists who knew how to control pressure perfectly throughout the session.

Above you see the Onsen pools, steam room, and sauna room. These are the facilities in the Onsen Spa where I spent most of my time. Aside from contributing to your overall well-being, these state-of-the-art facilities will keep you, your friends, or loved ones healthy and happy.

With me during this special spa-cation is my Mom, who also experienced the relaxing massage, delightful food, and comforting sleep I’M Hotel.

Prices are all-inclusive and come with access to all the above facilities. The experience comes with complimentary herbal teas and includes a wholesome buffet meal (pre/post therapy) at The Common Good Food Playground.

Room Design

Designed by renowned Singapore-based interior designer Suying Metropolitan Studio, the property is a picture of sophistication and elegance.

Upon entering my 1-Bedroom Executive Suite on the 29th floor, I was immediately greeted by cool room temperature, amazing view of the surrounding metropolis, fruits, and a welcome note! Most if not all hotel guests (in general) would feel special,  – I know I did! – even with just a simple personalized greeting. The complimentary sweet treat actually tasted better than I expected – I actually finished the whole thing, which is rare – because I am lactose intolerant. lol

The hotel features 434 spacious guestrooms, including 182 suites equipped with an Electrolux-fitted kitchenette, living room, and dining area.

Every guest will feel immediate comfort from the earthy tones and vibrant but classic room furnishing, awed by the facilities, and mesmerized by the panoramic views of the metro.

Luxury Bathroom Amenities and Facilities

Do you spend too much time in the bathroom at home? Well spoil yourself here at I’M Hotel fitted with luxury German rainshower, huge bathtub, and luxury bath amenities by Crabtree & Evelyn.

In case a bottle of body wash, shampoo, or conditioner isn’t enough, you can always request for extra, 2 at a time. The only phone inside my 1-Bedroom Executive Suite was beside the toilet bowl.

Water pressure on the 29th floor was very strong, almost too strong actually – but that’s not a bad thing at all! that just means you can easily adjust the pressure to your liking, and not waiting for water to come out like what sometimes happens at other hotels. Above you see me, a 5-foot, 8-inch tall guy fit comfortably in the bathtub. I would have soaked longer if only I didn’t have other errands to do that day haha.

Dining Done Right

Food means serious business in I’M Hotel. One of the best examples of their love for good cooking is The Common Good Food Playground.

“The international buffets that are found in the many 5-star hotels in Manila all have their own distinct touches to their dishes, but The Common Good Restaurant takes these standardized mixtures of culinary service and elevates them to more refined levels.”

This is the magical place where all hotel guests enjoy their daily complimentary buffet breakfast, loaded with everything desirable, and what you’re probably craving for! their professional chefs and crew will positively start your day with a smile.

Believe it or not, I’ve never had beef wellington my entire life. So trying this dish was a challenge for me, because I don’t eat meat that’s not entirely cooked. In this case, a meat that’s medium rare – wooooh. I’ve always seen this dish created in cooking shows abroad, and they all have one reaction (if it’s cooked perfectly) – amazingly good. That’s exactly what I expected, and exactly what I got. The Common Good’s Beef Wellington was very good. I didn’t even notice any difference in taste even if the meat wasn’t thoroughly cooked. It was so tender, and every ingredient blended well. This dish was part of their Dinner Buffet.



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