5-Star Spacation at I’M Hotel, Makati City

Club Lounge

Guests who book directly on the I’M Hotel website, or book the suite rooms will have access to the Exclusive Club Lounge –

– where one can relax with complimentary drinks like brewed coffee, tea, infused water, cookies, and more special treats. The Club Lounge also serves as a pathway for guests who’ll be going to the I’M Onsen Spa.

Fitness Center

I’M Hotel is committed to providing excellent amenities for all hotel guests, and their fitness center definitely did not disappoint. Fitted with the latest types of equipment, you can visit the gym for your “body goals”, “gym selfie” (like what I did – lol), or just to sweat out the super heavy buffet breakfast you took in the morning haha!

I try to make use of all pieces of equipment whenever I’m in a fitness center, but I always end up being a treadmill person – haha!


Swimming is an elevated and sensorial experience at I’M Hotel. The infinity pool is both suitable for laps and lounging, and is an iconic element of the property. The pool can be seen upon entering the lobby as one looks up because it is acrylic-bottomed, hence serving as an interactive medium between guests who are swimming and guests who are just about to enter the complex.”

Are you not a swimming fan? are you sure about that? I’m asking because I myself am not much of a water person before, because I can’t really (swim) that good, and I’m afraid of always drowning. But as time went by, I learned how to swim (started swimming like a dog, you know what I mean haha) and eventually loved the waters, and that’s why you would always see me now, if not just lounging by the pool/shore, i’m out there enjoying snorkeling or diving (shallow waters lol).

But enough of me, I want you guys to see and feel the cool swimming pool – got it? – cool swimm.. oh never mind – lol. The swimming pool of I’M Hotel has definitely made a standard (and class) to all swimming pools around Poblacion, or even around the Metro. I’m not sure if there is a lot or even any, but this is the first time I’ve seen an acrylic-bottomed swimming pool in my life. And for someone like me who’s afraid of heights, it never came to me that I may slowly be pulled down by a supernatural force.. yadayada.. but seriously, you have to check it out!


Located just 30-40 mins away (7.5km) from NAIA, I’M Hotel is very accessible in all forms of transportation.

  • Hotel Address: Makati Avenue corner Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City

  • Website: https://imhotel.com/

  • Contact Number: +63 2 755 7888


  • A breath-taking view celebrating the juxtaposition of natural and man-made wonders.
  • Nothing comparable exists, with the first and only jellyfish bar in the country.
  • Top shelf spirits are used in their world-class tipples, crafted by the renowned Bar Mace in New York.
  • Immerse yourself completely with a temporary respite from the daily stresses of modern life.
  • Design elements make the bar the perfect..





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