Siglo Suites at The Acqua Private Residences, Mandaluyong

If you need a nature retreat, but don’t have much time, just go down to the 6th floor and you’ll find EDEN:

Children will also find this place useful, for they too will also enjoy fresh air while having fun at the mini playground!

Don’t worry fellow young adults and adults at heart, we too have our own playground on the 52nd and 53rd floor: The Fitness Center, Swimming Pool, and Viewdeck:


The Fitness Center is located on the 52nd floor and has a wide array of gym equipment you can use all day long. The room is also cooled so you don’t have to worry about sweating too much, but if you prefer to cool down the natural way, just step out of the gym and you’ll be refreshed with rushing cool air.


The View deck on the uppermost floor of Livingstone Tower is a magnificent touch to the already exquisite levels of the tower. Offering splendid views of the surrounding cities, your inner selfie king/queen will definitely take over in an instant – I know I did lol. The view from the view deck only gets better when it gets dark. You have to see for yourself! I don’t wanna spoil the fun, but you already see a little bit of what’s in store judging by the photo below (pool) 😉


And The Swimming Pool. Only the Livingstone Tower has complete facilities in all 4 operating towers, so I guess I’m lucky to be given a room at the same building, and I don’t need to transfer towers just to get my dose of fun under the sun. The pool is good for both children and adults, complete with shower rooms, resting areas, and unique decorations, fun is always around.

All of the above facilities are accessible to Siglo Suites Guests, all you have to do is register your names on their log sheet and you’re free to explore! Just make sure you take note of their operating hours for convenience.

If you’re wondering about food, Siglo Suites offers In-room breakfast meals for Php 200 per person. Payable upon check-in. You will get these coupons:

And give them to Siglo Suites housekeeping the next day upon delivery of your breakfast.

Siglo Suites is Accredited by the Department of Tourism and is a member of Philippine Tour Operators Association Inc (PHILTOA)

I’d also like to commend every staff, working hard to make sure all Siglo Suites guests are satisfied 100%. As I’ve watched the Siglo Suites video presentation headed by Mr. Patrick Carague – President of Siglo Suites, I indeed felt the standard and quality of service I received as advertised, that’s why I can recommend Siglo Suites to everyone looking for a place to stay around the metro. I would also like to give special thanks to Nathaniel Castro Productions for giving a helping hand with some of the photo and video shoots at Acqua Private Residences.

Siglo Suites Contact Details:


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