5D/4N Panay Island Adventure Travel Guide 2020

Day 2

Excited for this day! Why? we’ll go trekking to a waterfall, plus more destinations in Capiz! (and also eat more seafood along the way – yey!).

– Liktinon Falls –

Liktinon Falls is located in Brgy. Bayuyan, Pres. Roxas, CapizIt’s quite an adventure going to this falls because you’ll have to face boulders (not suitable for our elderly). You will be immersed into an embrace of mother nature as you make your way to the falls crossing streams, breathing only the freshest of air, and meeting locals who are all so friendly, you won’t feel tired.

Youngsters must take extra caution wearing proper trekking gear for maximum comfort and safety. The trek back and forth was fairly easy, we have to be careful (always) wherever we are.

– Bagsakan (Wet and Dry Market) –

Looking for some seafood to cook but with limited budget? (like me) Well, worry no more because “Bagsakan” in Pontevedra, Capiz has all your seafood cravings packed in one place for lesser amount compared to those purchased at Malls and Restaurants (it’s just that here, you’ve got to cook them first).

I’ve never seen so many baskets of humungous-ly-delicious crabs in my life, I think one or two even spoke to me wanting me to take it home and season it with the best ingredients. Bagsakan is definitely not for the hungry. Not for me at all. Haha!

– Banica Dried Fish Center –

Located in Brgy. Banica, Roxas City, you’ll have eclectic options for “Pasalubong” when passing by this street filled with stores selling dried fish/seafood. Us Filipinos love salty food (that’s a fact) and most of us love “daing” right? (I know I do), this place a must visit for all of you who wants to bring home a kilo or two or three of that yummy fried gratifying seafood!

Do take note that when you’re buying from any stores in this location, please don’t haggle or ask for “discount” because you are not only helping small/mid-scale businesses be stable, you are helping their whole family. You wouldn’t ask for a discount when buying the same item from big-scale supermarkets right? 🙂 Let’s help one another!

– Kapis ATBP –

Kapis ATBP is a manufacturer of assorted Capiz shell products (lampshades, trays, windows, necklaces, frames and a lot more) being used locally and abroad. But where do Capiz shells come from?

It’s from windowpane oysters (Placuna placenta) that’s very common in the waters of Capiz. What a blessing right? Best seafood in the Philippines PLUS one of the best shells known to man both found in one location. Kapis ATBP is located in Brgy. Banica, Roxas City. 

– Palina Greenbelt Ecopark –

Lunchtime! what better way to have lunch than to have it on board a floating cabana while being trailed by a motorboat around vast waters and mangroves only at Palina Greenbelt Ecopark in Brgy. Cagay, Roxas CityWe had a feast of – wait – seafood! MOUTHWATERING Seafood to be exact. Oysters, Crabs, Shrimps, I couldn’t ask for more. Oh wait, I did ask for more rice though, does that count? haha!

Palina Greenbelt Ecopark is not just your ordinary floating-cabana-lunch-place, oh no, they’re so much more than that! you see, Palina Greenbelt Ecopark actually is the 1st recipient from the Philippines of the Best Urban Sustainable Product Award from the 1st ASEAN Sustainable Tourism Awards Ceremony in Thailand. Las Islas Travel and Tours is a proud partner tour operator of Palina Greenbelt Eco Park in this competition. Way to go Capiz!

– Ang Panublion Museum –

Panublion is a Hiligaynon word which means “Heritage“. This is the official name of The Roxas City Museum located in Legazpi Street, Roxas City. At first glance, one wouldn’t see or think that this museum is actually a reused water tank built in the year 1910 to provide water to the residents of Capiz during dry months.

Inside the museum are priceless artifacts and knowledge brought by history, visitors would surely be fascinated with. Who knew such architecture in the past would prove to be useful? Let’s thank the great minds of all Capizeños who made this possible!

– Birthplace of Manuel A. Roxas –

The birthplace of Manuel A. RoxasRepublic of the Philippine’s 1st President,  is in a form of a two-story building in Roxas City, maintained by his close relatives – who up to date still live in the building.

Inside this ancestral house are numerous priceless properties and artifacts of the late President and his family, where tradition and culture are very visible. If you love history and ancestral houses, you’ve just hit a jackpot in Roxas City.

– Sacred Heart of Jesus –

This mega-statue of Jesus Christ is 132-ft tall and is located on a hilltop in Pueblo De Panay Township, offering visitors a panoramic view of the province’s mountainous areas and surrounding towns.

Aside from this man-made towering structure, you will also find a church, some religious sculptures, and a viewpoint that all ages will surely love. Sunrise or sundown? Both are great at this spot, but make sure you have your own vehicle, so you can enjoy longer stays.

– Espacio Verde Resort –

No holds barred for dinner! Still full blast of seafood from one of the go-to places to stay and eat when in Pueblo De Panay TownshipEspacio Verde Resort. We were able to experience their newest restaurant style which is outdoor grilling (would be difficult to grill in an airconditioned room anyway – without exhaust). After we were seated by the resort’s polite staff, they were kind enough to explain what we’ll be served, a little history of the resort, and their love life (just a very little bit – while waiting for the food to be prepared haha)

Aside from the very nice location that has a lot of amenities and activities, Espacio Verde also has very nice rooms should you choose to stay for the night or stay for a longer duration if you’re on vacation. If I were to go back in Roxas, I would love to have a night or two here at Espacio Verde! woot!



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