5D/4N Panay Island Adventure Travel Guide 2020

Day 3

I think it’s Day 3 and 4 where most of the real action took place. After being on land most of the time on Days 1 and 2, this time, we’ll go island hopping!

– Gigantes Islands Tour –

Our adventure in Gigantes Group of Islands was short but was definitely one of the best tours I’ve ever had. Why? for a lot of good reasons! one of it is our tour guide – Sir Alfred, who was very knowledgeable of the islands we went to, a very good photographer, and was polite to all guests.

Let’s start where all the magic begins: Gigantes Travelhub and Café. This cafe does not only cater your caffeine fix but is also the pickup point for your Las Islas Travel and Tours Gigantes Adventure!

And it’s time! We will be accompanied by Mr. Alfred Yap, one of Las Islas Travel and Tours Expert Tour Guide, throughout the journey exploring the different beautiful islands of Gigantes.

– Pulupandan Islet –

Pulupandan Islet is owned by the local government of Carles and is usually the first stop for guests on tour. This island also has only one coconut tree and serves as resting place of fisherman in the afternoon and night time.

– Tanke Lagoon –

Tanke Lagoon is a saltwater lagoon shaped by nature, and its natural rock formation is made of karst stone and limestone. Several points of interest are Cliff diving, rock climbing, and swimming.

– Bantigue Sandbar –

The Bantigue Sandbar spans almost 2 hectares and found in this island are a variety of mangroves. This is where tours stop for an hour (or two) in the afternoon for lunch, and most (if not all) food establishments offer scallops for only ₱1 a piece or ₱200 per basket. One unique attraction is the sandbar itself, where the formation depends on the current and waves of the waters. If you’re not here for lunch, the best to go here is when it’s low tide, so you’ll appreciate the sandbar the most.

– Antonia Beach –

Antonia Beach in Antonia Island got its name from their great-grandmother, Antonia. This white beach is privately owned and is surrounded by coconut trees. Points of interest are Trekking, Snorkeling, and watersports such as Kayaking, Banana boat and, Jetski rides.

– Tinagong Dagat / Little Boracay –

Why is this island called Little Boracay? well, I think the answer is already given in the photos above 🙂  white and sugary powder sand, turquoise, and crystal clear water. Beautiful!

– Cabugao Gamay Island –

Cabugao Island is from a combination of two names: Maruja and Flora. Points of interest are Swimming, and Snorkeling in its crystal clear water. Also popularly known as the Selfie Island.

Now, who wouldn’t want to experience all these Island goodness right? I know you already want to book that Gigantes tour, but wait, there’s more to this tour! We’re not finished, and you in for more adventure!

All smiles for this group photo with the coolest owners of Las Islas Travel and ToursMs. Aph and Mr. Alex before we head to dinner in Roxas City.

Here you see the newest office of Las Islas Travel and Tours fronting Roxas Transport Terminal. Now when you’re in transit to Roxas, the best tours in Western Visayas is now just a “tumbling” away!

Finally at Cafe Terraza! We were assisted by to our very own hut where we will have our sumptuous seafood dinner! Now, just a quick info – Cafe Terraza sits on a hilltop, and should you go here by daytime, you’ll have the best view of the surrounding mountains, breathing only the freshest of air.

No destination is ever complete without photo ops! Here we are inside our hut at Cafe Terraza while waiting for our food to be served.

Did I say food? I mean SEAFOOD! I’ll never ever get tired of eating seafood ever and seeing these goodies on our table made me even hungrier. I must say, food at Cafe Terraza is fantastic! They were all cooked perfectly, a balance of flavor, and huge serving sizes. My personal favorite is their Seafood Kare-Kare. It was just WOW.

Night shot with Mario, Ms. Aph, and Mr. Alex at the famous  CAPTIVATING CAPIZ sign before we head to Kasa Raya Inn and Cafe in Tibiao, Antique where our Day 4 adventure awaits!



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