5D/4N Panay Island Adventure Travel Guide 2020

– Kasa Raya Inn and Cafe –

We finally arrived at Kasa Raya Inn and Cafe in Antique, and one thing I noticed about the place is its unique rustic and minimalistic approach from outside to inside the rooms. You’ll feel straight at home, still connected with nature, rice fields just a few steps away, panoramic view of the surrounding mountains, plus a lot more!

Here are the room types you or your group can choose from at Kasa Raya Inn, and depending on the number of people you’re with, that’s the room you will be assigned in. Here’s the best part: Kasa Raya Inn only charges ₱500.00 per head INCLUDING BREAKFAST! – What a steal!

Day 4

Like all movies and stories, everything has an ending (or a continuation perhaps?) and this day marks our last day in Antique. Sad? Not! We are in for a great finish in some of the most visited tourist destinations in Antique: Mararison Island, Malumpati Cold Spring, Bugang River, and Kawa Hot Bath!

– Mararison Island –

Day 4’s first destination is Mararison Island, Culasi, Antique. This island is only half an hour boat ride away from Culasi Port, and is one of the MUST VISIT attractions when in Antique.

We actually travelled here/made friends with a sweet couple who’s on vacation, and is also staying at Kasa Raya Inn and Cafe! Above you see Ms. Carmel taking photos as we leave Culasi Port.

This is what the island looks like from afar onboard your boat. On a normal day that’s not windy, your ride to the island will be as smooth as the blue waters you see above.

Did you know? Mararison or ‘Malalison’ for travelers is a small island beach destination and a barangay in Culasi in Antique. The beauty of the island was only seen by media after the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the province.  – Wikipedia

After meeting our guide in the Island, we immediately started our trek to the rolling hills – main attraction in Mararison Island. And along the way, we saw pitcher plants! they were small in size, and it was my first time to see them in person so I instantly became fascinated.

It was I think around 12noon when we reached the summit of one of the hills, and boy, it was scorching hot! I suggest that if you want to also do this activity, maybe schedule it a little bit early in the morning so you won’t get burned. But if your goal is to get a tan, then by all means. hahaha

Thank you Las Islas Travel and Tours for this wonderful experience at Mararison Island!

After our trek, it’s time for lunch! Remember we went here with a couple who also availed of the same Mararison Island Tour from Kasa Raya Inn? They opted to just stay safe at the dropoff point for health reasons, and I really appreciated that they waited for us so we can have lunch at the same time.

After lunch, we headed back to Culasi Port – this time onboard a boat with no sun shade + somewhat heavy waves so we can travel again to our next stop:

– Malumpati Cold Spring & Bugang River –

Ohh Malumpati, I’ve missed you! I’ve been at this super cold spring way back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence.. lol just kidding, I think I was around 10 years of age when I first saw Malumpati, and there was ABSOLUTELY ZERO CROWD. Back then this place was all nature, no rental huts, no entrance fees, just pure cold spring, and trees. But one place I was not able to visit that time is Bugang River:

Just look at that clear emerald water surrounded by lush forest! And did you know? Bugang River is one of the CLEANEST RIVERS in the Philippines!

Going here is very easy. At Malumpati Cold Spring, just look for a small table with tour guides beside a concrete bridge, and inquire about the trek to Bugang River. This trip will only set you back ₱150.00 – and this is good for 5 persons already! Just make sure to plan your trip because trekking here is only open from 7:30am – 4:00pm.

After a short 30 minute trek, you’ll reach the main pool of bugang river, and trust me on this, all you will hear are birds and trees, and water. So if you are looking for peace and tranquility after a rather crowded dip at Malumpati Cold Spring, this is the place for you.

Thank you Las Islas Travel and Tours, also to all the courteous staff and tour guides at Malumpati and Bugang River for this adventure! And nope, Mario and I didn’t plan our outfit – lol.

– Kawa Hot Bath –

Ever dream of one day becoming the main dish? how about a soup? well, this is your chance to fulfill that dream! because here at Bluewave, Tibiao, you only need ₱200 (Big Kawa) and yourself to become a world-class dish.

But kidding aside, this place and activity will surely melt your troubles away. Not only will you enjoy a hot bath with assorted leaves and herbs, but if you choose to embrace the cold side first, Tibiao River is just a few steps away. Just make sure that if you will have the hot kawa bath, to dip in tibiao river first, not the other way around.

– Kasa Raya Inn –

We’re now back at Kasa Raya Inn, and boy, I definitely missed staying indoors – haha! The moment we stepped into our cooled room, I didn’t want to go out anymore, I just wanna sleep and rest and sleep and rest, and did I say sleep already?

BUT wait! we still have one more activity before bedtime, and that’s…. Dinner!

We were so lucky to have a meal prepared by a very talented Chef in Antique, Mr. Alex himself! =) I think he was (or rather, always isinspired by his partner in life – Ms. Aph, to create wonderful dishes all the time.

No words could describe how the food tasted that night. Oh, actually there is, our hearty meal that night was full of flavor, a balance of tangy and savory, the pop of color also played a part, and the rice.. oh don’t get me started with the rice. haha just kidding, the rice was amazing! all in all a 10/10 for me Masterchef Alex!

Fast forward to Day 5 (aka hello again real world) it was time to say not goodbye, but see you next time to Ms. Aph and Mr. Alex who both gave us their valuable time and effort, just to make sure everything works out perfectly in the last 4 days we were on tour. No amount of thanks is enough, but THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Also to Mario (www.happyfeetchapters.com), who’s been my travel buddy in this tour, thank you! you can go back to Bacolod now. lol.

And to the whole team of Las Islas Travel and Tours, all the hardworking men and women of Capiz Tourism and Cultural Affairs, and Capiz Provincial Government THANK YOU for this huge opportunity to promote Western Visayas, and giving me an experience of a lifetime! also, shout out to the fluffy and adorable doggies at Kasa Raya Inn! =)

I know you want MORE, so I’ll give you exactly just that! I’ll give/show you MORE reasons (yup! with S – reasonS) why you should choose Las Islas Travel and Tours over other tour agencies covering Western Visayas:

Las Islas Travel and Tours
Image from http://lasislas.ph/our-destinations/
✔ Pioneer Licensed Tour Operator in Gigantes Islands since 2015
✔ Accredited by the Department of Tourism
✔ Registered with the BIR— TAX-compliant!
✔ Active Member of the Philippine Tour Operators Association
✔ Trained and Professional Tour Guides
✔ Big, Licensed, and MARINA-registered Boats
✔ Clean and Hygienic Food Preparations
✔ Complimentary Scallops in Every Tour
✔ Travel Insurance in Every Tour
✔ Complete First Aid and Emergency Kits
✔ PRO-Community— We Support Local Livelihoods
✔ Trusted by VIPs, Big Corporations, Celebrities, Bloggers, and Media Practitioners (as seen on TV Patrol and DOT iTravel Pinas Show)

For professionally-organized and hassle-free premium private and budget joiners tours in Gigantes Islands, contact Las Islas Travel and Tours at info@lasislas.ph. Visit our official website at www.lasislas.ph for promo tours and other travel deals.

Las Islas Travel and Tours
Image from http://lasislas.ph/our-destinations/



Image from http://lasislas.ph/our-destinations/

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