The Common Good Food Playground Media Launch

Welcome to The Common Ground Food Playground! (Where the common denominator of all guest’s experience is simply GOOD food) It’s not my first time at this food haven, as I’ve already blogged about my experience here and the entirety of I’M Hotel in the past. So it’s safe to say that I already have the first-hand experience on the offerings, the highlights, and I was also sure that The Common Good still have a lot under their sleeves, a magic waiting to be unveiled. And true to that thinking, I got invited to their media launch!

While waiting for the official programme, I wandered around the buffet area to make myself hungry, and boy, bad move – the dishes were all heavenly, even just glancing at them!

You see, these are just a few of what The Common Good Food Playground offers for their buffet, and already look good right?

And let the event commence:

I put up a live video of the introduction (technical difficulties in the beginning) but the message was still very clearly delivered to all media guests. What The Common Good is about, why there is a media launch, and what are guests going to expect with the launch of 9 concepts.

And speaking of the 9 concepts, here they are:

  • PAUL AND RANUKA – Green Egg Sandwich (Introductory Price: ₱290+)

This is presented as an open showcase sandwich for two main reasons:
1) The freshness and beauty of their featured greens, which include slow roasted tomatoes, avocado, salsa verde, asparagus spears and black olives are prominently showcased.
2) Having a sandwich open-faced is a quick and easy way to cut down on one’s carbohydrate intake. Moreover, gluten-free sourdough is used to make the dish even healthier.

  • TIFFIN – Prawn Masala (Introductory Price: ₱320+) & Roti Paratha (Introductory Price: ₱120+)

Prawn Masala is spicy, tangy and palate pleasing. Some of the herbs and spices used in the dish are specially shipped from India. Spice levels are adjustable, making this is the perfect introduction to Indian cuisine.

Roti Paratha is a South-Indian flatbread made by frying stretched dough, flavored with Indian clarified butter. Making it is a skill that takes years to master.

  • AL DENTE – Sisig Flatbread Pizza (Introductory Price: ₱400+)

Turkish Flatbread Pizza is given a refreshing twist with generous toppings of sisig and a perfectly cooked egg.

  • PERFECT FOUR – Nasi Lemak (Introductory Price: ₱290+)

Nasi lemak is Malay for “rice in cream”, a reference to the rice being cooked in coconut milk, or “richly flavored rice”. The rice is lightly salted and made fragrant with a knot of pandan and lemongrass leaves added while the rice is still cooking.

The rice is accompanied with fried boiled egg, fried peanuts, small fried shrimp, calamansi, and green cucumber.

The chili paste, called sambal, is the signature condiment. This is a combination of dried chilies, shallots, garlic and shrimp paste. Sugar and tamarind give the chili sauce a sweet and tangy taste.

  • PARILLA – Open Pit Peri-Peri Roasted Chicken (Introductory Price: ₱280+)

Originally a South African/Portuguese dish, the open pit peri-peri roasted chicken is packed with flavor. Chicken is coated with a delicious marinade then roasted to juicy perfection.

  • ONE BOWL WONDER – Ebi Tendon (Introductory Price: ₱245+)

Indulge in a present-day classic Japanese dish with their very own Ebi Tendon. Three delightful shrimps and seasonal vegetables are encased in crispy fried tempura batter served on top of Japanese white rice.

  • EMPRESS JADE – Dimsum Platter (Introductory Price: ₱400+)

Loved by many, this artisan made-dim sum is prepared by our skillful chefs from scratch. Each piece is served hot and fresh from Empress Jade’s kitchen. From Hakaw, Seafood beancurd roll, and Shumai, this is a plate full of our best sellers.

  • SUCRE – Honey Thick Toast (Introductory Price: ₱190+)

Our version of this thick, dense toast is served with generous amount of dessert favorites. From the classic and healthy mango, banana, hazelnut, to the adventurous green tea, and ginger. This is absolutely going to be your sweet finale.

  • FOUNTAIN – Ginumis Granita (Introductory Price: ₱130+)
Ginumis Granita
image courtesy of The Common Good

A classic and refreshing Filipino shaved ice dessert made of tapioca pearls, coconut cream, and panutsa.

Overall a very successful and awesome launch! Everyone was participative in the games and small interactive events by the hosts. Kudos to everyone who made this launch possible.

Of course, we had to take a photo at the photo booth:

Here you see meJonas (Wandering Weekend Warrior), and Jethro posing in front of the interactive photo booth. I’M NICE! 

Flip to the next page to see more of The Common Good, I’M Onsen Spa, and I’M Hotel.



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