Batanes Travel Guide 2020: Batan, Sabtang, Itbayat

Day 4: Snorkeling, Swimming & Kayaking

This day is dedicated just for these activities, so my Mom and I slept the entire morning till early afternoon. I think it was around 3-4pm when we went back to Homoron Blue Lagoon:

Bet you didn’t know you can do all these water activities in Batanes, am I right? That’s because these are add-on activities you can only book with your tour provider. And since we’re being taken care of Bisumi, we didn’t have any problems with equipment and safety!

With me on board the kayak is our tour guide extraordinaire: Sir Arbin, who assisted me throughout the activity. We went to see caves one wouldn’t see or even access without hopping on a kayak/boat!

The Kayak provided by Bisumi was transparent, and the experience was just amazing. Imagine kayaking in the clear waters of the blue lagoon with corals, fishes, and seeing the equally amazing landscapes around you!

Make sure you bring your aqua shoes because the rocks are very slippery, and you also want to avoid stepping on anything sharp underwater. Wear very minimal to no sunblock because you don’t want to hurt the fishes with chemicals from these products right? 🙂 Thank you Bisumi for the life vest! Saved me from (almost) drowning haha – I panicked when I saw a bunch of sea urchins!

After a few hours of water activities, it’s time to go. We stopped by Paderes Viewpoint for another photo, this time with a tricy-cool (cogon roofed tricycle) from Bisumi! Too bad the GoPro I brought malfunctioned and didn’t wanna turn on anymore. I would have posted underwater photos 😦

Day 5: Rakuh-a-Idi Spring (Spring of Youth)

Day 5! (aka last day to enjoy because tomorrow we’ll be flying back to Manila dayoh I’ve been looking forward to this destination! The Spring of Youth is not part of any regular tours in Batanes, and like the water activities we did yesterday, you also have to book this with your tour provider. Bisumi took care of everything for us, so hassle-free!

One of the most visually stunning places in Batanes is Rakuh A Idi, or The Fountain/Spring of Youth. This man-made spring is believed to have healing or revitalization energies, so if you want to have that instant charge, this spring is a must-visit in Batanes!

The water in the man-made pool is from the hills of Imnajbu in Uyugan, while the tree you see beside me is called Uhangu. Its fruits are eaten by coconut crabs that’s common in Batanes – but is now rarely served by restaurants because of possible endangerment to its species.

There’s a small ₱50 entrance fee at the dropoff area for all guests who’d like to go to the spring, and mind you, the trek going here is mostly open trail, so bring your umbrellas, or put on some sunscreen. Look! Mom’s out! And I guess you’ve already guessed why she’s out under the sun =)


9 thoughts on “Batanes Travel Guide 2020: Batan, Sabtang, Itbayat

      1. Arvin

        Sobrang amazing! Para na rin akong nagtour sa Batanes! ⛱️ Complete details pa lahat. Very informative 😁


  1. Jenny Ann Eisma Casintahan

    Sir Mon Villaverde! Though its my second time to read your articles and vlog Im so amazed to the beauty of BATANES! Thank you for this vlog that I felt Ive been there already BUT its my dream to explore the place also with my hubby which is perfect for my upcoming birthday and to our wedding anniversary! More Power and will continue to support your vlog! Godbless!


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