Chibo Okonomiyaki: One of Japan’s Best, now in Manila

Chibo Okonomiyaki

Chibo Okonomiyaki – 5F, The Podium, Mandaluyong City

Okonomiyaki Chibo Restaurant was founded in 1973 at Sennichimae in Osaka, a district famous for gourmet eateries. The name Chibo comes from the flag mark of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, a powerful war lord who lived in Japan during the 16th century and built Osaka Castle. His flag mark bears a pattern of clustering calabashes.

I’ve always been a fan of Asian cuisine. If you’ve been reading my previous blog posts, you’d know that I’m a huge dumplings/dim-sum lover, and this upgraded okonomiyaki from Chibo will definitely get a go signal for me to try.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients. The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaninghow you likeorwhat you like“, and yaki meaninggrill – Wikipedia

Premium Executive Set Meals

  • Unagi Kabayaki JuFreshwater Japanese Eel marinated in Sweet Sake and Dark Soy Sauce.
  • Mixed Seafood JuNorwegian Salmon, U.S. Scallops, Squid and Tiger Prawn in Salt Garlic Sauce.

Seafood fans unite! (that includes me) Chibo Okonomiyaki will surely give your palate a big hit of mouthwatering aquatic goodness as you indulge in their masterfully crafted seafood set meals. These two are probably my favorites among all set meals – because I’m a seafood lover like that. 

  • US Angus JuU.S. Prime Angus Steak in garlic ginger wine sauce.
  • Pork JuSpinach, onions, and pork belly slices in Shoyu Wine Sauce.

Where are the meat at? well here you are looking at two set meals for all y’all meat lovers. Their Angus and Pork meals were both flavorful and tender, you’d want another meal to go. I’d personally recommend the Angus Steak Ju for maximum satisfaction.

  • Hamburger Steak Ju – Grated Pork and Beef mixed with onion, garlic, and panko flakes.
  • Osaka Meal – Half Okonomiyaki and half yakisoba with mentaiko mayo.

Yes, that’s a hamburger meal – because why not? Everybody loves burgers anyways, so why not have it incorporated with other sumptuous ingredients for a more terrific dish right? and behold, our first meal feature with okonomiyaki! by now you should already know what an okonomiyaki is, and knowing what’s inside this heavenly Japanese pancake assures us only the freshest and best quality ingredients goes inside our hungry tummy. And oh, yakisoba is a Japanese stir-fry noodle dish. Chibo’s version was lip-smacking!


On August 13, Chibo Okonomiyaki introduced more flavors to complement all palates looking for an enjoyable and satisfying dining experience. The new mouthwatering ala-carte goodness addition will drag you back for more chow down. Guaranteed!

  • Chicken and Coriander Salad – If there’s a starter that would both entice and bring to attention every diner at your table, this is the perfect plate. The very first thing you will notice is the slight burly trace of the coriander and red onions. Thinking if the dressing if it’s sweet or sour? this zingy salad’s condiment incorporates sambal. Don’t worry, It’s not that spicy. The chicken strips were tender, and overall, was served in perfect temperature. A must try! – PRICE: ₱288 ~ $5.3
  • Chicken Wings & Grilled Chicken with Garlic – Let me start by saying that the liquid you see on the second photo is definitely not oil. That’s grilled chicken juice that’s oh so flavorful and oh so garlicky good! the meat was very tender, and the garlic on top was not too overwhelming, in fact,  you’d want more of the garlic mix because it blended very well with the grilled chicken!, I actually didn’t expect it at first, but I was a little worried why Chibo produced chicken wings in Manila, where the wings craze and competition is very tough. Hear me, these wings at Chibo are so Good! It’s marinade and seasoning is very unique, soy-sweet-sesame that’s on a whole new level. A single order (4 pcs) is not enough for someone like me who loves chicken wings! – I could easily predict that this duo will be among the top favorites at Chibo Okonomiyaki. – PRICES: Wings ₱188 ~ $3.5, Chicken Garlic ₱388 ~ $7.2

  • Grilled Shrimps with Garlic Oil – The seafood craze now does not stop at the Premium Executive Set Meals, but continues to this new finger-licking plate with as much as 6 glorious shrimps all grilled to perfection, topped with garlic oil, and served with lemon. Eat them while they’re hot for full satisfaction! one plate is already good for sharing, but if you’re that of a seafood lover, I guarantee the whole serving would fill you up good. PRICE: ₱588 ~ $11
  • Kimchi and Pork Teppan & Sausage TeppanTeppan is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle (steel plate) to cook food. Now these two are no basic entries. The Kimchi and Pork Teppan was a little spicy, but the combination was actually good. The Sausage Teppan on the other hand fared just right, and is good for all ages – all kids and kids at heart will enjoy. PRICE: ₱238 ~ $4.4 each

  • Grilled Oysters – Best enjoyed freshly served, these oysters packed an exquisite punch on my tastebuds that left me wanting one (or two) more big bites. No strong fishy taste at all! make sure you squeeze that lemon over the oysters for the best taste. PRICE: ₱588 ~ $11
  • Pork and Kimchi Tonpeiyaki & Pork and Cheese Tonpeiyaki – I actually have never heard of “tonpeiyaki” before, that’s why I got a little curious as to how they are made, and taste like. Turns out, it’s just like your super hearty & fluffy home made egg omelette, generously stuffed with Pork and Kimchi & Pork and Cheese. Very flavorful, and very addicting. A perfect starter that the kids and grown ups will adore. PRICE: ₱188 ~ $3.5 each
  • Gizzard Teppanyaki & Chibo Okonomiyaki – I wasn’t able to try the gizzard teppanyaki because of my newly adjusted braces, but I was told that they’re a great beer/sake partner. As for the Chibo Okonomiyaki, I want you to be the judge. It’s very easy to say that it is THE BEST okonomiyaki ever, but you have to try it yourself. For me, and all my companion during this food tasting event, this Okonomiyaki is a winner. Inside Chibo Okonomiyaki are Prawns, Scallops, Beef, and Pork – now who would dare say no to this combo right? (except our vegetarian friends)  PRICES: Gizzard ₱238 ~ $4.5, Okonomiyaki ₱488 ~ $9.2

  • Rice Flour Dumplings – There will always be room for dessert! Chibo Okonomiyaki’s rice flour dumplings is a treat for all sweet tooths and foodies alike. If you’re born and raised in the Philippines, you’d immediately recognize the texture and taste of the “dumplings”, where a scoop of ice cream, mint leaf, and Azuki bean sauce also await. PRICE: ₱150 ~ $2.8

Okonomiyaki [お好み焼き]

  • Doutonburi Okonomiyaki – Beef with Konnyaku (traditional Japanese jelly-like health food made from a kind of potato called “Konnyaku potato” and calcium hydroxide or oxide calcium extracted from eggshells), Shrimp, Cheese and Pork

One of Chibo Okonomiyaki’s bestsellers, the doutonburi is an upgrade of the classic – where a flavorful mix of beef, pork, shrimp, topped with velvety cheese and bonito flakes completed this authentic Japanese pancake, giving guests a warm welcome to Dotonburi – a famous tourist destination in the City of Osaka in Japan.

  • Shirayukihime – Extra soft textured okonomiyaki with Prawn, Bacon, Pork, Tomato, Avocado, Cheese, topped with Meringue.

This amazing-looking and original setup is Chibo Okonomiyaki’s star, and I must say, I was flabbergasted when it was presented. It’s huge! (prolly good for 4pax) or just one if you’d like – lol. And the taste, oh I can never forget the fantastic aroma and extraordinary taste – an instant favorite! A visit at Chibo Okonomiyaki will never be complete without an order of Shirayukihime. Trust me, this one is the b o m b.

If you wish to enjoy your meals and okonomiyaki with authentic Japanese beverages, look no further, Chibo Okonomiyaki has a lot of them for you! Make sure you check the alcohol content, and to always drink moderately.

Chibo Okonomiyaki Feature
image from Chibo Okonomiyaki Philippines Facebook Page



looloo (4.8/5.0)

Zomato (4.2/5.0)

Facebook (4.8/5.0)

TripAdvisor (3.5/5.0)


1. Conrad Manila

2/F, S Maison, Conrad Manila Seaside Blvd. Coral Way, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Telephone: 898-3333

2. The Podium

Level 5, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center Mandaluyong City
Telephone: 721-0333

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