Café Noriter: Your Korean Playground

Photo by Jerny Destacamento

I haven’t been to a lot of Korean-inspired cafes or restaurants in the Metro (yes, I’ve only been to a handful of Unli-Samgyupsal places) poor me lol. But that didn’t stop me from exploring and checking out new places that could be a hit for millennials or foodies alike. So when I got the opportunity to try this K-place in Taft, I didn’t think twice.

Welcome to Café Noriter!

The passage to Cafe Noriter is very eye-catching, you won’t miss it when passing by Estrada Street in Taft. It’s right beside Tapa King, and 16 steps up will bring you to the cafe’s main entrance where you’ll be welcomed with hospitable staff, and warm + cozy ambiance:

You’ll instantly feel the connection. The warmth that’ll make you feel comfortable amidst the cold and rain, the fresh aroma of brewed coffee, the pleasant whiff of eclectic dishes being constructed, plus a lot more elements to complete your K-experience!

Bring in the goodies!

NORITER CHEESE RICE (aka my Favorite)

  • This hot-errific dish delighted my taste buds so good, I wanted to finish the whole thing (if I could) but couldn’t because it’s really heavy, and I think 3 people could share this single serving. I couldn’t ask for more (maybe more time to appreciate? lol) ingredients, because the bacon and heavy cream used were mixed to perfection with the already tasty rice. Try it to believe it! PRICE: ₱220 ~ $4-5


  • What do you get when you fall in love? you’ll without a doubt fall in love again with Noriter Cafe’s Creamy Carbonara! make sure you eat it hot – for full satisfaction. Share it with your girl/boyfriend, your family, or just indulge in its goodness yourself! there’s no one stopping you 🙂 – PRICE: ₱180 ~ $3-4


  • Now you might be wondering, Cheese Rice? Carbonara? and now Bulgogi? I thought I’m at a Korean place? well this is actually something good! why? you’ll get the best of not only both worlds, but scores of appetizing delicacies you thought you won’t find at a regular Korean-inspired cafe 🙂 Alright, back to the show – I loved how this dish was plated, tasted, and lingered. The overall balance of sweet and soy matched the sides with no dull after taste. Good choice for Beef fanatics! – PRICE: ₱199 ~ $3-4


  • A Rice meal for MAYO lovers! I’m not much of a fan of mayonnaise in general, so I wouldn’t be able to honestly give a review for this dish. But my friends who were able to try it said it was a humble chicken rice meal with a sweet kick of mayo that’s both satisfying and fun! – PRICE: ₱160 ~ $3


  • Now, a Japanese-inspired dish has entered the arena! deep fried to perfection, their chicken and pork tonkatsu will make your meat-hungry-appetite-meet-its-match. Not too thick or thin with just the right amount of seasoning and side, this plate will firmly satisfy your hunger. – PRICE: ₱199 ~ $3-4


  • With two different sizes to choose from (regular & large) you can choose which bowl will gratify your hot noodles fix. See the cheese slices and egg? make sure you mix them while still hot to get a creamy, yummy ramen for you and your friends.


  • Off to America we go! the clubhouse has landed in Cafe Noriter, and there’s nothing you can do to st – oh, actually there’s something you can do – order and eat this meaty & saucy sandwich before it gets cold. Comes with thick slices of ham, cheese, Korean mayo, and lettuce for an all-around snack (or main dish, if you would). – PRICE: ₱180 ~ $3.5


  • Eclectic choices of caffeine-rich beverages, ice-cold frappes and smoothies await your sweet-tooths and carb cravings! Noriter Cafe is well known for these offerings, so don’t miss ordering one (or two) for yourself while enjoying your company. – PRICE: ₱95-169 ~ $2-3


  • Two of the best-sellers in the dessert section are the above photographed goodies. Their Bingsu (Korean shaved ice dessert) can be customized to your liking (fruit toppings, etc) so make sure you personalize yours very well to match your appetite and craving. On the other hand, if you’re not a shaved ice fanatic, their honey bread (thick slice of soft bread topped with cinnamon and cream) will tickle your sweet tooth just a little bit. – PRICE: Bingsu – Small ₱320 ~ $6, Large – ₱599 ~ $11 / Honey Bread – ₱180 ~ $3-4

Visit Cafe Noriter to check out the wide range of delectable dishes and beverages you can order, and make certain you bring all your classmates, friends, and loved ones to share the love, fun, and food!

Special thanks to my buddy: The Jerny – Travel and Inspirations for tagging me along your foodie adventure here at Cafe Noriter. Follow his travels too guys!


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  • Second Floor, Reyes Building, Estrada Street, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila

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  • 0926 615 7712 (Globe)

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