Honolulu HK Café is now serving in Manila! (Updated: June 2019)

Founded in 1940, Hong Kong Honolulu Cafe serves its own blend of Honolulu coffee, Hong Kong ‘stocking’ milk tea, signature egg tart, ‘modern’ pastries, buns, Hong Kong-style fried noodles and a lot more.

Eclectic choices on display at Honolulu HK Cafe, SM Aura Premier

I haven’t been in the wildly-beautiful streets of Hong Kong, but sure enough we’re all familiar with their unique and bold style in fashion, culture, and gastronomic pleasures. The vivid colors, rich and eclectic signature concepts, plus a lot of interesting places to visit for travelers.

Derrick Yeung, Director of Honolulu Coffee Shop. Photo from SCMP.

Regarded as the first and original “Hong Kong Café” dining concept, Honolulu HK Café is a recognized brand in the Hong Kong noshery domain. Known for their always-sold-out Signature Egg Tarts and savory/sweet pastries, everyone’s in for a delightful treat (or feast!)

Honolulu HK Cafe’s first sweet location in Manila is located at SM Aura Premier in Taguig City. The space – though quite small, still serves its purpose. Make sure you come early and try everything on the menu! (yep, you’re getting more than egg tarts and pastries!)

I got invited to try most of the items in their menu (lucky me!). Check them out:

Honolulu Egg Tart

  • Price: ₱ 50 each
  • 192 layers of crispy/crumbly and flaky crust with a creamy eggy goodness in the center for only 50 pesos, or roughly 1 US dollar.

Honolulu Bo Lo Bun

  • Price: ₱ 50
  • Crunchy on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. Pair these with hot or cold coffee, or even milk-tea, and you’re off to a filling snack!

Bo Lo BBQ Pork Bun

  • Price: ₱ 60
  • This pork bun will be your more filling snack, with the same crunchy exterior, and soft interior.

Luncheon Meat and Egg Bun

  • Price: ₱ 60
  • Anyone fancy some luncheon meat and egg in their buns?

Honolulu Bo Lo Bun with Butter

  • Price: ₱ 60
  • Melt in your mouth butter compliments the scrumptious Bo Lo Bun. Best paired with Hong Kong Style Coffee!

Curry Fishball

  • Price: ₱ 198
  • Honolulu HK Cafe’s take on fishballs – make them fancy! I actually liked them, and I thought they’re good for snack as well.

Deep Fried Prawn with Salted Egg Yolk

  • Price: ₱ 488
  • I’ve always been a fan of salted egg dishes, and this one did not disappoint! make sure you order this when dining in 🙂

Hong Kong Curry in Casserole (Beef Brisket)

  • Price: ₱ 328
  • Super tender beef in a tasty hearty curry. That’s what I thought of this bowl. Be careful though, it’s served hot hot hot!

Steamed Rice with Chinese Sausage and Wind-Dried Meat in Casserole

  • Price: ₱ 198
  • Rice lovers need not fret, you’re (we’re?) covered whether it’s pork sausage you’re craving for, —

Steamed Rice with Chicken and Mushroom in Casserole

  • Price: ₱ 198
  • — or chicken! Pair them up with your favorite milk tea!

Stirred Fried Hong Kong Style Noodle with Pork Chop in XO Sauce

  • Price: ₱ 268
  • The noodles and pork chop were cooked perfectly, and the overall mix of vegetables complimented to the overall taste and presentation.

Baked Rice with Pork Chop in Tomato Sauce

  • Price: ₱ 298
  • I’m not really a huge fan of Cheese (lactose intolerant wohoo!) but this baked rice bowl with pork chop could change my mind anytime.

Hong Kong Style Noodle Soup with Fried Egg (Topped with Luncheon Meat)

  • Price: ₱ 198
  • If you like ramen, or just prefer to have hot noodles.



Lower Ground Floor, SM Aura Premier, C5 Road Corner 26th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Hours of operation:

  • Monday – Sunday
  • 11:00am – 10:00pm

Social Media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/honoluluhkcafeph/

Honolulu HK Café Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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