Le Chef at The Manor: Exquisite Dinner

An attraction on its own, Le Chef by Chef Billy King at The Manor at Camp John Hay is regarded as one of the best fine dining restaurants in the whole of Baguio. Le Chef serves only the best and freshest of ingredients, and maintains top-notch quality not only in food, but also in customer service. Tip: Tables are always full so make sure you reserve in advance =)

My Mom and I had a really memorable and superb dinner here on our 2-nights stay at The Manor at Camp John Hay. And as of writing this, I’m already missing the delightful course we had – makes me want to go back asap!

Aside from ala-carte/buffet dinner, guests will also enjoy masterful cooking during daily breakfast buffet and all-day dining at Le Chef. Private functions are very much welcome!

Take a look at what we delightfully feasted on our last night at The Manor:

– Marinated Salmon & Roasted Prawn Salad –

One of the best salads I have ever had. No kidding! My Mom even said she wanted to ask the kitchen for the recipe lol. We initially thought of sharing one salad plate, good thing we decided to have one each. Definitely worth it!

The greens and seafood were very fresh, almost like newly harvested/caught in their own backyard/ocean? – lol taste of freshness. The prawn and salmon portions were generous, and they emanated unique and delightful harmonies in our taste buds that made us smile with every bite.

– Aged U.S. Prime Rib-Eye (300 grams) –

I’ve only had a few chances to indulge in legitimate U.S. Prime Rib-Eye, and this, ladies and gentlemen, takes the cake of the best Rib-Eye steak I’ve ever had. The meat was perfectly cooked and was very tender. The seasoning was just right, and the sides complimented the overall richness of the dish.

We made the right choice of choosing sautéed mushrooms in garlic butter (#bestdecisionever) lol. My Mom doesn’t like meats/steaks that look red inside in general, meaning, she wants them cooked throughout, or as we call it- well done. I suggested that we just have them medium rare or medium well, because – that’s how they should be right? hehe. Plus, she wouldn’t enjoy her Rib-Eye if it’s dried of its juices.

– Four seasons –

I’ve never had a four seasons drink presented this way. It was very fresh, and the ripe Pineapple, Mango, Orange, and Guava merged in melodious polyphony. The overall taste was refreshing, as expected. My mom on the other hand, chose to have a glass of red wine (so she can sleep fast – Mom said) lol.

Overall, from the salad, to the main, the refreshment, and most specially the customer service, I’d give Le Chef a 10 out of 10! A must visit to everyone visiting Baguio.


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