The Manor at Camp John Hay: Splendid Staycation

I know you’ve been waiting for these photos, so here you go:


Upon entering our room, my Mom and I gasped in awe. No, we took a deep breath and said “wow”. The natural light effortlessly illuminated the whole room (I turned the lamps on even though it was still daytime so the photos would look brighter and warmer).

You would actually think that there’s an AC unit hidden in the corners of the room, because the cool flow of air goes to all areas, but that’s actually thanks to the powerful ceiling fans in the living/dining room and bedroom. Just make sure you turn the lampshades and ceiling fans off when not in use, or when leaving your room to conserve electricity.

I let my Mom stay and sleep on that comfortable and huge bed you see above, while I slept at the living area. The pillows were fluffy, not flat, linens were clean and spotless. Kudos to the housekeeping team for always maintaining the 5-star service and standard at The Manor.

Here are the features and amenities of the room, as indicated on their website:

  • 76 to 84 m²
  • Overlooking Pine Forest View OR Manor Garden
  • (1) Step-out Balcony
  • Separate Living and Dining areas
  • Sofa Trundle Bed
  • (2) Toilets and Baths
  • (2) DVD Players
  • Microwave Oven
  • Cable TV
  • NDD/IDD Phone System
  • Mini-Bar
  • Coffee and Tea Making Facility and WiFi Access

My favorite was the step-out balcony. Why? the view was nothing short of spectacular, day-or-night, (guaranteed). The lush pine trees, the masterfully decorated garden and greenhouse, panoramic view of the whole log-cabin inspired property, and an unobstructed view of the Cordillera Mountain range. Imagine waking up/getting to bed every day to this view right?

In case you’re wondering, my Mom’s favorite area was the bedroom, and favorite room amenity were the two ceiling fans! haha. She loved how they cooled the entire suite without the need of AC! (yes, there are no AC units in all of The Manor’s rooms, because there’s no need for them – you’re getting the freshest, cleanest, and coolest air from the cordillera mountains all day, every day! )

There were two toilets and baths, one beside the dresser and closet, and one near the dry kitchen and main door. The bathrooms were average in size, but still very well maintained and supplied with amenities/toiletries you would normally need. Water pressure was good, and the water heater worked just right. And yes, the toilet has a bidet!

The unit’s dry kitchen was also well equipped with a microwave oven, mini bar, mini-fridge, and coffee and tea making facility. The living room can accommodate a family of 5, yes it’s that spacious! there were also two television sets with cable to keep the family entertained for movie night =)


An attraction on its own, Le Chef by Chef Billy King is regarded as one of the best fine dining restaurants in the whole of Baguio. Le Chef serves only the best and freshest of ingredients and maintains top-notch quality not only in food but also in customer service. Tip: Tables are always full so make sure you reserve in advance =)

My Mom and I had a splendid dinner at Le Chef on our last night. Click here to check it out.


Freshly baked pastries, pieces of bread, and sweets are among the variety of treats you can get for yourself, or the whole family. Too bad my Mom and I are both lactose intolerant, so you know, we had to skip trying these goodies =( but reading and hearing from guests while at The Manor, we’re already convinced that the sweets and pastries are a must-buy (and must not miss!).


When booking a room at The Manor at Camp John Hay, I’d recommend getting a garden view. Why? I think the next few photos would show you exactly why =)

Our parents or grandparents will have a relaxing time with these rocking chairs while enjoying the sunset or just lounging for an afternoon, feeling the cool breeze, lush surroundings, and view of the Cordillera mountains. (Ps. There weren’t any elderly the time I sat and took the photo above.)

Of course, I didn’t forget to take a few snaps after the sun had set, where the garden illuminated brightly right before our eyes:

If my memory serves me right, I stood there for a good 10 minutes (not minding the chilly temperature) just so I could stargaze and take a few snaps of the glowing guest rooms and garden.

One can definitely capture stars (or milky way) like what you see above, just make sure you come out at the right time (around 10pm onwards is okay), and the skies should be clear of any clouds or smoke.


  • The Manor at Camp John Hay: (074) 424-0931 to 43 / (+63) 917-869-3640
  • Email:

  • Manila Sales Office: The Orient Square, Unit 1507, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605
  • Contact Nos.: (02) 687-6524 / (02) 687-6607
  • Email:



  • Loakan Road, Baguio City
  • Only 5-10 minutes away from Victory Liner Bus Station via regular cab, and will cost you around ₱100/trip. Do note that ALL taxis in Baguio doesn’t have AC, and it may take some time getting on one if departing from The Manor at night or wee hours.

Click HERE to book DIRECT and get the lowest rates!


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