Visita Intramuros: A Tour Program of The Manila Hotel

VISITA INTRAMUROS, a tour program of The Manila Hotel, was launched Wednesday, June 12, in time for the celebration of the country’s 121st Independence Day. In partnership with the Intramuros Administration, the tour program is designed to enable hotel guests to experience the rich history of the Great Walls of Intramuros and the Grand Dame, The Manila Hotel.

The Manila Hotel
The Manila Hotel

This is an exclusive tour that features the following attractions starting from The Manila Hotel:

  • The Manila Hotel Heritage Museum – A newly curated museum that houses the collections of the Manila Hotel that reflects the rich history of the Grand Dame.
Image from Manila Hotel
  • The MacArthur Suite – A two-bedroom suite that was the residence of General MacArthur decorated with rare paintings, photographs, Asian antiques and Filipino crafts.

  • Champagne Room – Long favored by the fashionable set, it is well-known for its impeccable service and lavish decor. A favorite venue for elegant gatherings, it best embodies the Grand Dame’s decades of tradition and devotion in providing guests with only the finest dining experience.

  • Fort Santiago – One of the oldest fortifications in Manila built in 1571 on the site of the native settlement of Rajah Soliman. It is notable for being the headquarters of the armies of several foreign powers in Philippine history, including the Spanish, British, Americans and the Japanese.

  • Museo de Intramuros – The newly-opened museum that houses the collections of the Intramuros Administration.
Image from Wikipedia
  • Baluarte de San Diego – Standing the test of time as a bulwark that defended not only its land but also the stories of the past. This historical concrete structure withstood cannon fires, earthquakes, and the battle of Manila.

  • Destileria Limtuatco Museum – The museum of the oldest distillery in the country features the actual process of making rum and whiskey, from fermentation to bottling.

  • Bahay Tsinoy – A museum that showcases the tangible imprints and lasting influence of the Chinese whose presence in the Philippine dates back long before the Europeans sought alternate routes o the Moluccas.
Image from Philippine Primer
  • Casa Manila – A colonial lifestyle museum which features the domestic life of the upper class in the 19th Century Philippines. The three-story building is a replica of the house of Binondo merchant Don Severino Mendoza.

Administrator of the Intramuros Administration – Atty. Guiller Asido, Manila Hotel President – Atty. Joey Lina, and Department of Tourism Asst. Secretary – Robby Alabado III onboard the “Siklesa”

This tour package may be booked with the Concierge department of The Manila Hotel. It is best experienced on a siklesa – a motor drawn kalesa. Tour prices start from Php2,250, with three options to choose from: vehicle with driver, vehicle, driver and guide and vehicle, driver, guide and all in pass. In-house guests will enjoy 15% discount off the tour prices, and also of the Filipino High Tea at the hotel’s lobby.

Visita Intramuros Press Conference

Visita Intramuros, a hop on and explore the legendary walled city of Manila was launched on June 12, 2019. This is in line with the direction of the Department of Tourism to strengthen cultural tourism by expanding the tourism products and engaging a specific market to increase revenue. Partnerships such as this is a testimony that the successful partnership of the private and public sectors is imperative to preserve and promote our heritage.

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