Varra Resto Bar, Little Baguio, San Juan

Whenever a new (foodie) haven opens, Terrific Traveller will surely be there! (or try to lol) and our newest discovery in Little Baguio, San Juan is this Resto Bar who takes dine and chill (and parties) to the next level with awesome food, great crew, eclectic drinks, and a prime location for the young, and young at heart.

Varra Resto Bar opened in November 2019, and they sure are starting to make waves in the local hangout scene. Offering bar food and experience that’s beyond the ordinary – “Only at Varra”At Varra Resto Bar, you will not only get your money’s worth for their fabulous food and beverages, but your eyes will also like the interior’s modern minimalist approach, PLUS great service from the Varra crew.

Here are some of Varra’s bestsellers:

Varra’s Nachos Overload

  • Price: ₱350.00 ~ $6.8
  • Review: Who doesn’t love nachos these days? found in shopping malls, cinemas, groceries, even at your nearest convenience stores, nachos have become one of the favorite snacks of the generation. So what’s so different with Varra’s? – it sets itself apart by having a mountain of premium toppings not found at most nachos in the metro. Just look at that image above.

Crispy Shrooms

  • Price: ₱130.00 ~ $2.5
  • Review: “Adobo flakes left the group chat” – those people saying mushrooms can’t or won’t be main attractions are definitely going to have a change of heart with Varra’s Crispy Shrooms. One of my favorites, this shroom-dish combines oyster and enoki mushrooms for that varying texture that compliments each other. They’re almost like a melt-in-you-mouth kind of crisp that just dissolves with graceful flavor. A single order is definitely not enough if there’s two of you, so I suggest get three – haha.

Classic Carbonara with poached egg

  • Price: ₱290.00 ~ $5.6
  • Review: Creamy, dreamy, yummy! best paired with a glass of wine (or iced tea) for that smooth finish. I’m not really an expert with carbonaras but one can tell Varra’s take is one of the creamiest and meatiest (ham) around. Don’t forget to slice open and mix that poached egg!

Soy Garlic Wings

  • Price: ₱230.00 ~ $4.5 (6 pcs/basket)
  • Review: Take it unlimited or by the basket, you’ll love Varra’s wings. They’re marinated and fried just right to sink all the flavors inside, alright! – trust me, I didn’t purposely make that line rhyme 😀 add ₱129 for unlimited wings and rice, or just go with plus ₱169 for the best package of unlimited wings, rice, and fries! – oh, I forgot to say their wings have 6 flavors: Buffalo, Soy Garlic, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory BBQ, Chili Cheese, and Honey Sriracha. Add ₱30 for Garlic Aioli, Spicy Mayo, or Creamy Cheese dip. Or if you’re into fancy Bleu Cheese, just add ₱45. (note: UNLI promo runs every Sunday – Thursday only)

Chicken Pesto Marinara

  • Price: ₱380.00 ~ $7.5
  • Review: I like it. A simple yet playful pasta dish that’s good for kids and grown-ups who’s looking for a nice/unique take on marinara pasta. This one is topped with grilled chicken & pesto sauce with toasted bread on the side. The pasta itself was cooked al-dente (which I like), and the grilled chicken was tender and seasoned well. The pesto touch was just right to balance the overall sizzle of the dish.

Messy Fries

  • Price: ₱230.00 ~ $4.5
  • Review: How messy do you like your fries? topped with tasty ground beef? cheese? garlic aioli? well look no more, all of that’s here and perfect with a glass of beer! you’ll love this more than your favorite potato at the corner (pun intended) hehe

Sizzling Sisig with Egg

  • Price: ₱270.00 ~ $5.2
  • Review: “Sisig is everything I love about food” Anthony Bourdain. Here at Varra, you’ll get that classic take on sizzling sisig with just the right amount of spice and more meat than fat. Make sure to mix the egg while it’s hot! Varra’s Sizzling Sisig is always served on a hot plate so you’re always assured of that blazing experience.

Varra’s Steak Salpicao

  • Price: ₱380.00 ~ $7.5
  • Review: My favorite! Varra’s chef/s surely know their way around this popular bar food, and they made it even better! their version is not the usual steak cubes you’ll find at major bars, because here, the tenderloin is cut thin and served on a hot plate that’s topped with lots of garlic – oh so good! and you can even request your preferred doneness, but we all know that medium is the way to go ~

We were also able to try a few signature creations to help push down all the food and push up our spirits! 🙂 Varra’s drinks include Non-Alcoholic/Minor drinks, Signature Cocktails, International Cocktails, Local and Imported Beer, Gin, Tequila, Vodka, Liquor, Cognac, Rum, Blended Whiskey, Bourbon Whiskey, Tennessee Whiskey, Single Malt, and Japanese Liquor. There’s something for everyone!


But wait, there’s more!

Looking for a private room or a lounge more intimate? a place you or your friends can own for the whole evening (probably till 2 or 3am?) YES, Varra Resto Bar has a VIP Room (photo above) you can rent for only ₱20,000and that’s not the best part yet, this amount is fully consumable and all celebrations accepted! (excluding pet birthdays, unfortunately – pets are not allowed inside)

Varra Resto Bar also has a lounge for you, your friends, or dates. This lounge can accommodate a maximum of 40pax, and yes, you can also rent this whole area for ₱35,000 – fully consumable. Rates are subject to change without prior notice, so best if you contact Varra Resto Bar for reservations/inquiries.

I would like to thank Ms. Lovely Tan, Head of Marketing – VARRA Resto Bar for hosting this foodie visit, Jomarie Ang for the invitation, and my crazy and cool co-foodies: Nickson Garcia, Aistine Dy, Joana Rose Ramos, and Reginald Baron for the awesome company.

Social Media:

Hours of operation:

  • Friday – Saturday: 6:00 PM – 3:00 AM
  • Sunday – Thursday: 6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Contact information:


Located less than 5 minutes from Greenhills Shopping Mall:

Address: Varra Resto Bar, 3rd Floor, 333 P. Guevarra St, San Juan, Metro Manila – you have to enter the driveway to the parking/carwash area, turn right and you will find the bar’s entrance, go up three floors and you’re there!

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