Attention: Lazada Philippines

I never thought I’d be writing about this experience in my blog, but this is the right thing to do. Lazada and their courier partner has not made it easy for me, so I hope this catches their management’s attention.

My WORST online shopping experience has not ended yet.

I just wanted to return a faulty AC, which should have been easy because the product I purchased is from Lazada Mall (LazMall), and Lazada has set-up a pretty easy process with steps on their app/website. BUT for some unfortunate reason, mine has been a whirlwind of false promises, clueless agents, sleepless days, and anxiety attacks.

Let’s start at the beginning. On August 14, 2020, I purchased a CONDURA AC Unit on Lazada’s mobile app and the check-out process was easy. The next day, I sent a chat inquiry to Condura via the Lazada App asking how the AC will be delivered. A chat rep named “She” said that the AC will be delivered VIA TRUCK & the product will be tested prior shipment, plus a few other stuff regarding warranty and free cleaning, etc. So I was pretty much satisfied with the response and they reply pretty quick, so that’s a plus.

Fast forward to August 20, this is when the AC finally arrived but not via TRUCK, but via a NinjaVan Motorcycle. A MOTORCYCLE. The delivery man even had the audacity to ask me to carry the AC from his spot outside the main road to my house because it was “heavy” he said. He didn’t even assist me at all! So even if I’m not allowed to lift heavy stuff due to medical reasons, I still carried this heavy package because there was no one in our household that can help me.

After surviving the rather stressful delivery of the unit, it was time to open the package. I immediately noticed that the bottom part of the box has dents/damages probably due to the fact that it was tied at the back of a small motorcycle, who knows what could’ve happened during shipping and handling. So after opening the box and removing the styrofoam paddings, I saw a few damages right away. The fins at the back were bent, and there was a long scratch at the lower metal part of the unit. I wondered if I was looking at a BRAND NEW unit or a REFURBISHED one, or if the damages were caused by the improper shipping method. I then sent photos to Condura Chat via the Lazada App and they said the bent fins were normal and will not affect the performance of the AC unit.

I believed them and installed the AC unit in my room just a few minutes after that. I then noticed that the AC unit was producing a rather loud noise as soon as it starts cooling from fan mode, so I sent an inquiry to Condura Chat about it, and they gave a few tips how to prevent vibration which could be causing the noise. I then followed all the steps they gave but the noise was still there. I decided to observe the AC for a few days hoping it will improve and eliminate the noise it was producing.

But the noise went on, even became louder as the days went by, so On August 22, 2020, I decided to book a service online so a technician can take a look at my AC unit. My confirmed schedule was August 24, 2020 @ 9am-12nn. So I had to bear another few days of sleep and work with a noisy AC unit. Come August 24, I waited for a call from the service center because as per the email I received, they were supposed to call me prior to my appointment time but NO ONE called. It was I think around 2PM when someone called regarding the service I booked, so I said that I won’t be proceeding with the service because I have already submitted a for return/refund of the AC unit.

So it has come to the day where I decided to file a return/refund, because the AC was really noisy and I can no longer sleep and work properly. It’s noise was very distracting. It was around noon when I processed the return on the Lazada App, and I got an email confirmation saying my return was qualified for pick-up. I then contacted Lazada to ask when the unit will be picked up and this was their response: “Your item is scheduled for pull-out within 5-7 days”. So It was supposed to be picked up on or before August 31.

So I patiently waited for a call from the courier starting August 24 to August 31. I already have the AC unit packed in it’s box ready to be picked up,

I was not able to sleep properly beginning August 24 to August 26 because I’ve been waiting for the courier’s call (I sleep from 12nn to 9pm on weekdays because I have work @ 9:30pm) so on August 26 I decided to send a chat inquiry to Lazada saying that no one has called me to confirm the pick-up, and a chat rep named “Rizza Mae” said: “upon checking here you have processed return request po last August 24, our courier will pick up the item within 7-15 business days as the time frame po.”

FROM 5-7 DAYS TO 7-15 DAYS. But that’s not the best part! So I HAD TO INSTALL MY OLD AC UNIT WHICH WAS STILL FUNCTIONING, BUT NOT PRODUCING COOL AIR THAT MUCH, because the Condura AC was already packaged and waiting in our garage. Fast forward to SEPTEMBER 2, 2020, I decided to call Lazada to get another update on the pick up, I spoke with a rep named “Sheila” and she said: “As per coordination, our logistic team will pick up your item on or before September 9, 2020”. She also sent me an email showing this same exact date.

FAST FORWARD TO SEPTEMBER 8, I called Lazada yet again to say that the courier still hasn’t called me and I was already doubting that the AC unit will even be picked up the next day (September 9). So I spoke with a rep named “Pris” and this is what she said: “your item will be pick up by Airspeed. For this, kindly anticipate within 20 days and you will receive a separate email notification from courier once the item is ready for pick up.”

FROM 5-7 DAYS, TO 7-15 DAYS, TO 20 DAYS!

On September 9, I called Lazada AGAIN because I noticed that the last agent said the AC will be picked up by AIRSPEED but in fact, the courier assigned to me as shown on the Lazada App was XIMEX DELIVERY EXPRESS. I wanted to check if they’re the same company. I spoke with a rep named “Crystal” and she said that the courier was indeed XIMEX and not AIRSPEED, and they’re not the same company. (SO WHY DID PRIS SAY IT’S AIRSPEED?) Crystal also said: “We already coordinated this matter with our partner courier and as per them they will pull out your item on or before September 15, 2020. Rest assured that this has been coordinated and well documented on our end. We humbly advise that kindly keep your lines open as our courier will contact you directly.”


I called Lazada (around 9:30 AM), spoke with a rep named “Mary Ann” and she said she will escalate this because this hasn’t been escalated yet. (Why was this not escalated sooner?) I asked her what’s the next step if the AC unit is still not picked up today, and she had NO CLUE how to answer this question. I also asked to speak with a manager, and she said she will arrange that so a manager can call me back within the day. It’s already the end of day, and NO ONE CALLED me back.

I already lost all hope with Lazada and Ximex. I don’t know if this will be resolved soon given the false pick-up dates, the conflicting information from Lazada reps, and the unwillingness of Lazada to provide an alternate way/extra mile to have this AC unit picked up.

Anxiety has consumed me throughout this lengthy return process and I don’t know if I still have the strength to make another call to Lazada for a follow-up. I’m so tired.

I have all needed emails, screenshots, conversations to prove everything that I wrote in this article is 100% accurate. Please forgive me if I made grammatical or spelling errors.

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